Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Parts of Speech

I have just 2 points to make about the incident at the John Kerry event in Florida:
1. Last time I checked, it wasn't against the law to be a pain in the ass. God help my grandmother the day that changes, but that's another post altogether.
2. I can speak to this with some authority, since my husband's a policeman and I hear the word used all the time--Taser-noun, the device used to administer the shock.
Tase-verb, what one does with a Taser. I Tase, you Tase, he/she/it Tases.
That is all, for now.

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Worker Mommy said...

You and I would so get along. I thought I was the only freak annoyed by the incorrect word usage.
When I heard the audio on this I kept saying "it's tased you fool, tased!!"

Um and yeah, hi, little extreme. I have to think he could have been subdued by something less extreme but then I didn't see the video - just heard the audio.

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