Friday, September 28, 2007

Where the Street (should) Have No Name

I have a weird issue with place names that I consider stupid. If I were to inherit the house of my dreams, but it was on a street with a stupid name or worse yet in a TOWN with a stupid name, I'd have to sell. My husband thinks this is ridiculous. Both times we've bought houses, he's had to bear with my refusal to even look at a house on a stupid-name street, because what's the point? I fall in love with the house and then what? Petition the local government to change the name? Not too long ago, we thought that we might just buy a bigger house in our neighborhood now that prices have come down. Once we figured out how much the price of our own house would also come down, we put down the crack pipe and decided to stay put. And that's good, because we really like our house, and the name of our street is awesome. The name of the street we would have moved to is just OK. It was the first thing I mentioned when we first looked at the house, and my husband thought I was kidding. SO not kidding on this particular issue. Here are some of the stupid place names I've encountered (if you live on one of these streets, I'm sorry. I would get the petition started now if I were you.)

Temporary Road
Button Buck Court
Samplers Way
Princess Garden Parkway
Brassie Place
Tick Ridge Road (ewww)
Pothat Street (way)
Sulky Lane


Whiskeymarie said...

My two favorites that I've seen here are Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road.
How can you have even a shred of dignity living there, I ask?

CDP said...

Exactly! And think of your children, telling people that they live on Tick Ridge Road? Nobody's coming to YOUR slumber party!

3carnations said...

How about the ones with first names for street names? If you live on Lindsay Lane, would you really name your daughter Lindsay? Likewise, if you already HAVE a daughter named Lindsay, would you move there because it's cute, or not move there because it's goofy?

Worker Mommy said...

Most of the streets in our area are numbered streets. So I think we're ok here.

Maybe I'll have them rename mine queen worker mommy ave.

Yeah, I like the ring to that. ;)

CDP said...

I'm on the fence on the first-name streets, although I like streets named after someone, with first and last name. Especially if it's a rather obscure person. Numbered streets are good, but I do object to suffix other than "street" appended to a number. 31st Avenue? No. It's 31st St. And your majesty, I shall rename you on my blogroll. That way, the rabble won't get any ideas about getting too familiar with your royal self :)

Worker Mommy said...

Ok, I'm so diggin' the renaming on your blogroll - maybe I'll just rename my whole blog.

CDP said...

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? (Your Majesty should begin referring to herself in the impersonal...One will consider renaming one's blog.)

Stefanie said...

Ha. Whiskymarie lives in the same area I live. I was totally going to mention Pilot Knob and Yankee Doodle. I actually looked at an apartment on Yankee Doodle Road once, and I could not live in it, strictly because of that damn name.

Also in that same suburb is one called Johnny Cake Ridge Road. I have NO idea what the city planners in that area were thinking.

CDP said...

See, I'm not crazy! I just could not live on a road named Johnny Cake Ridge Road! Ick!

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