Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wild Kingdom

Last night, I dreamed that a black bear was visiting my backyard. For some reason, I decided to handle this by poking the bear with a large stick, until he was so annoyed that he decided to leave on his own, without incident. I even explained my approach to my older son, telling him that bears can't stand to be poked with sticks and that he should always remember this in the event of a bear attack.

I live about 5 miles from Washington DC, so the bear in the backyard scenario is unlikely to occur in waking life, and good thing. If that's how I'd actually handle a bear incident, I suspect that things would go down a little differently.


3carnations said...

Well...I suppose bears probably DON'T like getting poked with sticks. Whether or not they would express that dislike by walking away is up for debate...

CDP said...

Exactly! In my dream, the bear was so desperate to get away from the offending stick that he just left.

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