Sunday, October 7, 2007

Latin for "Ow, WTF, my foot is killing me!"

Plantar fasciitis. Apparently also Latin for "your body is deteriorating and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Just forget the swimming, yoga, pomegranate, Omega-3 crap. Lay on the couch and eat some Toll House cookies. You're going to fall apart anyway. Hahahahaha!"
Last night, I slept with my foot in a "night cast". It actually helped. And it looked very attractive worn with my mouth guard. I guess eventually, every part of my body will need some sort of night apparatus, just to keep it from falling right the hell off. I'll be trussed up like dinner at frickin' Joe's Peking Duck House, and it'll take me four hours to get ready for bed.
I'm going to go make some cookies and see what's on TV.


Worker Mommy said...

Oh Lawd help you now! I have the same filthy stinkin annoying ass thing too. I told my foot who was boss
The night cast would have helped if I'd worn it. But it sucked. I couldn't sleep. Icing my foot w/the coke bottle helped (freeze water in the bottle and then roll on the bottom of your foot for 20 min if you can...) does get better. I can now finally wear normal shoes again

CDP said...

I'll try that approach. I've been just giving in to it, following doctor's orders, wearing ugly shoes, and what's it gotten me? Well, it HAS gotten better, but still!

Southern Fried Mom said...

It is freaking me out that I followed your comment on my blog to THIS I sit here damn near in tears with my heel freaking killing me. I haven't been to a "real" doctor, but the internets have convinced me that I've got it, too. Usually it doesn't flare up until about 7 p.m. (when sit down for the first time all day & then try to get up & can't walk)...but today it is hurting like a sonofabitch. I have Fred Flinstone feet & already wear non-pointy, comfy shoes. (Oh, Croc flip-flops--surely you don't betray me?!?) Let's start a blog support group. I know Busy Mom has it, too. Don't you think it's weird to have at least four documented cases of bloggers with the same weird foot thing? Getting old sucks.

CDP said...

Yes it does! Try the night cast; you can buy them online. Worker Mommy couldn't sleep with one, but I haven't had too much trouble, and it really does help. Also, keep your foot flexed when it's up. When it's completely relaxed, that's when you'll have the worst pain when you stand.

FranIAm said...

Great blog- great post! Glad I stopped by!

CDP said...

Thank you! I left a comment for you too...I had been lurking for a few weeks.

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