Monday, October 22, 2007

Movie Review

We had a babysitter Saturday night, and anytime we have a babysitter, we try to see a movie. We even had time to have dinner and a few beers, so it was a really good night. Anyway, we arrived at the megaplex at around 7:05, so our object was to find a movie that we A. wanted to see and that B. was not either already started or starting more than 25 minutes from the time we arrived. With those criteria, we had a few to choose from:
1. Michael Clayton. Nothing wrong with George Clooney, but it was sold out.
2. Elizabeth, The Golden Age. I spared my husband…he wouldn’t make me see Alien v. Predator, so I don’t make him see costume dramas
3. Gone Baby Gone. No good…I hadn’t been privy to any spoilers on this one, and I’m not seeing a toddler-in-jeopardy movie unless I have cast-iron certain assurance of a happy ending (and WTH with the title, too? It sounds like some annoying-ass Tarantino-lite grunge boys with guns fast-talkin’ and wise-crackin’ to a too-cool-for-you soundtrack mess). So that left us with
4. The Kingdom. OK. Jamie Foxx, good, Jennifer Garner, OK, Chris Cooper, fine…we bought our tickets, our popcorn and our Snocaps (and the word “our” with regard to the Snocaps should be interpreted as “my”) and sat down.

I expected the movie to be decent, but we LOVED it. It was intelligent, it was funny, it was action-packed, suspenseful, dramatic, sad…everything you go to see a movie for. It also had great dialogue, including my favorite movie exchange from 2007:
Saudi diplomat: Define “immediately”.
FBI agent played by Jamie Foxx: Right the f*&% now.
I don’t expect that it will hang around theaters much longer, it apparently didn’t make the top ten this weekend, so if you haven’t seen it already, and if you’re looking for a good couple movie (interesting characters and plot combined with action), run right out and see it. Look for the scene in which the Saudi policeman is left with the task of explaining to the tough-girl Jennifer Garner character that she (as the only female) is excluded from the invitation to the prince’s castle…very funny.


FranIAm said...

That is very close to what another friend told me- I want to see this movie now.

Well, I wanted to see it this weekend, but it has not yet reached the farthest reaches of Smalbania(AlbanyNY) where I live part of the time.

Thanks for the review and glad you guys got a night out and had fun!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I had not planned on seeing this but now I'll try to catch it when it comes out on DVD. Thanks for the heads up. Now pass me some Snocaps you greedy thing you.

Jan said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We don't go to many movies, but eventually it'll be out for rental. Do I have you to thank for a donation for the CROP Walk? Thank you!

CDP said...

Ms. Fran...yes, definitely get it on DVD if you miss it in the theater.

Dr. too, but you'll need to get your own Snocaps...I'll share almost anything, but people who reach for my Snocaps usually come back missing fingers...

Jan...yes, and thank you for doing this. I'd never heard of the therapeutic food mixtures, but I saw another really inspiring thing on the news a few weeks ago. There's a company that manufactures a device called the LifeStraw, which uses a carbon filtration system that allows people to safely drink otherwise contaminated water. A local woman read about them, and took it upon herself to buy 10,000 of them and fly to Africa to deliver them personally to an MSF clinic.

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