Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Word to the Wise

So if you're out hitchhiking in suburban Washington on a Tuesday morning, you might want to consider going with the conservative, clean-cut, preppy look. As opposed to the greasy-haired, unshaven, black eye, Army jacket, HUGE duffel bag, chain around the waist and slightly deranged and totally pissed off facial expression look. Not that I would ever pick up a hitchhiker (cause Ted Bundy was pretty clean-cut, as I recall from all of the accounts of his crimes), but really. So I imagine the scene if I did stop to pick him up:
Me--I'm going toward Gaithersburg, how 'bout you?
HH--Um, yeah, Gaithersburg, sounds good
Me--So did you want to just throw your chainsaws and whatnot in the trunk?
HH--(mutters something barely audible about how the trunk in my Honda doesn't look big enough to accomodate his chainsaws and my trussed-up body)
Me--I'm sorry, I didn't catch that?
HH--Uh, no, I'll keep them up front with me
Me--You know, I just realized that I need to head back toward Rockville. There's a Metro station about a mile from here...I even have a fare card with a few dollars left. Why don't you take it? You have a great day, now!



Whiskeymarie said...

People still hitchhike? Seriously?
Who knew...?

CDP said...

I know, and it's the 2nd one I've seen in a month or so...that last one was the first I'd seen in years.

Virtualsprite said...

Wow. I think I saw a hitchhiker a few months ago, but the police were already there. Apparently, it's illegal in my little 'burg. Who knew?

CDP said...

It's illegal here, too. I think it's illegal in most places, but I don't think you'd get arrested...just maybe a warning, or a jaywalking-type of ticket. This person was on an off-ramp to an interstate, so he'd probably have been stopped for walking there at all, let alone hitchhiking. He was a scary-looking individual!

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