Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scholarship 2

Right here, I hyperventilated a little about citations and references and their proper use and formatting, but I've discovered something fabulous. It seems that in most academic databases, you can click on "citation tools" for the article you're citing from, and it will display and allow you to either copy and paste or export beautifully-formatted citations. You can even choose from APA, MLA, and Chicago. This won't help a bit when I'm using an actual book, but it cuts my work dramatically when I'm citing online sources.

Unless it's some kind of damn trick.
I bet it is!
I bet that some fiend decided to test the work ethic and scholarship of sucker undergraduates and if I actually USE one of these citations as is, I'll be marked as a moron. Now I'll have to carefully check each and every one of them against the APA Style Guide...which is not much less time-consuming than just writing the damn thing myself. Can an elderly (for a college student) woman get a frickin' break? Shit.


Worker Mommy said...

You do it and then you let us know, k...no sense in all of us being labeled morons ;)

CDP said...

OK, WM, I'll take one for the good of the team.

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