Friday, November 9, 2007

Things in My House: Part 1, The Kitchen Clock

Things in my house
One in an occasional, intermittent (and illustrated!) series

Since I’m relatively new to blogging, there’s really not much excuse for my current case of blogger’s block, but it’s been a struggle lately. I’ve sunk to posting about other people’s posts here, blogging about boogers here, and sharing some stinky feet here. Inspiration is what I need, and I found some hanging on the kitchen wall.
I recently wrote a paper for my Psychology class, the topic of which was bad design and the negative emotional effects of using and interacting with poorly designed things (I also learned a bit about research into “computer rage”; there might be more on this later.) One of the sources for this paper was a book called Emotional Design, by Donald Norman, a psychologist who’s studied this topic in depth. In the first chapter of the book, he writes about 3 teapots in his kitchen, and their value as aesthetically-pleasing and useful (in varying degrees) objects. There’s a photograph of the 3 teapots on a lovely kitchen windowsill.
I started looking at things I have in my house, and why I have them, and why I like them, and why they’re significant and why they’re part of what makes my house home. I’ll post about these on a somewhat irregular basis (and look here! There’s a dang camera thingy that you can just plug right into the computer and get you a picture right on that-there screen!)

This clock came from Ikea. My husband had been ranting about why we don’t have any clocks in the house. Is this a casino? Is this the place where time stands still? Why don’t we have any clocks?

Our house is frickin’ clocks r us. There are clocks everywhere. There was one (and now there are 2 including this one) on the kitchen wall. There’s one on the wall in the family room and another on the bookcase. There’s one on the bookcase in the dining room. There are alarm clocks in 2 of the bedrooms. There’s a digital clock on the stove. Yeah, I know what time it is. But none of those clocks were good enough for Officer Goldilocks…that one’s too small, that one’s in a spot where I can’t see it, that one has a design that makes it impossible to see the hands and the numbers…blah blah blobbity blah.

So we’re walking around Ikea and he picks up a clock and says “I’m buying this clock! No arguments! I let you pick everything, but I like this clock, and I’m gonna hang it on the kitchen wall”. OK fine. He’s right, he DOES let me pick everything, from paint colors to shower curtains to picture frames. It’s all me, because he doesn’t care. He always laughs at the “reveal” on the home makeover shows when they pan to the man’s reaction…according to him, no matter what the guy SAYS, he’s THINKING “ok, there’s a TV…and there’s a chair where I can sit on my ass and watch the TV…OK, looks great!” So that’s how we ended up with a new clock* on the kitchen wall. Here’s why I love this clock:
Brushed stainless frame
WHITE (not gray or off-white) face
BLACK numerals, which are ARABIC, not Roman. When Caesar wins the next election, we’ll use the Roman numerals, but for now, I’ll stick with Arabic numerals, for the same reason that I speak English and not Latin around the house.
Sweep second hand. I would prefer RED rather than black for the second hand…black, white and red are the proper colors for an analog clock face, but there is a small touch of red in the set-in thermometer of dubious accuracy.
It’s simple, but pretty (the numerals are in a beautiful typeface) and very useful. He was right about the wall clock that was in the kitchen, it was a little hard to read.

*Not really the same one he chose, which was ENTIRELY wrong. I found this one while he was otherwise occupied, and switched them. Come on! I can’t have an ugly clock staring me in the face every day!


Matty Boy said...

Hey, Aunt Dahlia. Sorry to be a pedantic mathematician, but that's the DNA I got, so here goes.

The numerals are technically Hindu-Arabic, not Arabic. The new name has been the fashion since I went to college the first time, which is to say a long damn time ago.

Just sayin'.

CDP said...

OK, ya got me. I like pedants and mathematicians, so you're OK with me.

Sauntering Soul said...

I love that you switched clocks and he didn't figure it out! Too funny.

FranIAm said...

Oh that Matty Boy... a little teensy pedantic mathematician, but still so darned lovable!

This was a fun post. I am a bit clock mad myself, so I really liked reading about your house o' time.

And good for you switching the clocks out.

And totally good for you not speaking Latin at home!

CDP said...

Sauntering Soul~
The differences were subtle! (But significant!)

Fran~No, no Latin, those Romans had their chance.

Spartacus said...


You've been memed (or tagged) by me. Give us 10 random facts or I steal the clock!

CDP said...

OK, Spartacus (and I know you're not speaking Latin around the house), I'm in.

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