Friday, December 21, 2007

Backseat commentary

Mommy, our Christmas lights is not on!
They're not supposed to be on, sweetie, it's daytime.
See? Evvybody's Christmas lights is not on now! I TOAD you! De're not 'posed to be on now!
Oh. OK. He toad me.

What's that sign say?
Connecticut Avenue
What's THAT sign say?
Also says Connecticut Avenue
What's THIS sign say?
Evan has stinky feet
OK, it says Georgia Avenue

Why we're going HERE?
Because I need gas in the car.
Why do you need gas in de car?
Because it won't run without gas.
WHY it won't run without gas?
Because an internal combustion engine needs combustible fuel to start the chain reaction that powers the motor and all of the other moving parts.


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! Why?

Sauntering Soul said...


Kids crack me up. So do mommies who know exactly how to end the "but why" questions.

CDP said...

Suze--why is that funny? Why?
SS--Why you say Ha?

Wyldth1ng said...

He will get smarter and stump you someday.

FranIAm said...

I love looking into your life. Too funny.

If you could find a way for the car to keep going and not use gas, you'd be onto something!

Anonymous said...

Love this!

Give them a couple more years and then you can start quizzing them....where are you going? Who will you be with? How long will you be there? Where are those forms I'm supposed to fill out? Did you give me back my change? Why did the principal leave me a voice mail while I was in a meeting? Why? Why? Why?

Vengeance is yours says the mommy!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

So that's how an internal combustion engine works.

Anonymous said...

CDP, I remember those days when the "car" seat interrogations were plentiful. These days the commentary is more about "how come we have to listen to this friggin music?" or "why does he/she have to sit next to me?"

Whiskeymarie said...

Ask a simple question...

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