Saturday, February 2, 2008


I was driving home from a final last night (Psychology--so glad I'm done!), and the local radio news station was covering a blood drive. One of the reporters said that not only were they amassing gallons of blood, but someone had learned after having blood drawn that she had colon cancer...maybe they saved her life!

Wait just one minute. There's no BLOOD TEST for COLON CANCER, is there?

Because if there IS, then the colonoscopy is the sickest joke in the history of medicine, isn't it?

Any gastroenterologists out there? You have some explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

What a pain in the ass!

(I really couldn't help myself.)

Anonymous said...

CDP - I think I'll sit this question out. ;)

FranIAm said...

Actually I think the blood test reveals that something is wrong and that cancer may be the cause.

THEN then you get the colonoscopy. Something that I have pondered greatly since turning 50.

But have yet to do...

Sauntering Soul said...

Due to family history, I've been having mammograms since I was 34 which is 6 years longer than most women. Isn't there some sort of reward for that including no colonoscopies ever? I suppose not.

I just gave blood a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully they didn't tell me I had to go have my colon checked.

CDP said...

Dcup--See, I keep telling people how slow on the uptake I am since I started having children, and here's proof--not ONCE did I think "pain in the ass" when I heard this on the radio.


Fran--OK, then the medical profession is off the hook on this one

SS--I'm glad you haven't had to submit to the colonoscopy yet...I think that 50 is the age they recommend starting that. My mother in law had her first one a few years ago, at age 62. My husband was out of town, so I was the one to explain what she needed to do to prep and what the procedure would entail...after a few minutes of back and forth in her pidgin English and my sub-pidgin Korean, she finally realized what I was telling her, and I got the Korean equivalent of "say WHAT?"

pissed off patricia said...

Shoot, I was going to say almost exactly what spartacus said. Well, just read his comment again. :)

jolie said...

hey y'all, I'm a 50 plus-er, and have done the colon-thang. I want to tell you that it's not all that bad! the part that gets the most press is the pre-op, drinking all those concoctions, but you're knocked out for the actual procedure, and no lingering side-effects.

I just think you may miss something important by not having this testing done, that's why I'm weighing in here so avidly.

CDP said...

Hi PoP--I know, Dcup and Spartacus will always beat me to the funny!

Jolie--I know, you're right...and when my mother in law had hers, it was really the stuff she had to drink that really horrified her the most. But that's definitely a life-saving procedure and I'll do it when it's my time. But not one minute before!

Whiskeymarie said...

Perhaps all gastroenterologists are really a race of aliens using the test as an excuse to once again anal probe us.

Or not. Just a theory.

CDP said...

WM--Alien anal probes--ANOTHER joke I didn't even think of!

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