Tuesday, February 19, 2008


After cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, I insisted on lunch out on Monday. We go to our favorite Korean/Sushi restaurant, which is NOT having its usual lunch buffet because of the "holiday". Whatever. We get the same thing we would have gotten from the buffet, it just costs $15 more. My sons order miso soup. The second the waitress walks away, 3yo asks where his soup is. I remind him...what do you have to be in a restaurant?

Huge, harumphing sigh...PAY-SHUNT! I hafta be PAYSHUNT.


After lunch, we stop by my mother-in-law's house to say hello. A friend of my husband's late father is there helping her cut some branches off a large tree in her yard. She's busy tying together the smaller pieces with twine and loading a wheelbarrow. We get busy.

I take over the twig/twine department.

Husband starts hauling larger pieces to the woodpile.

6yo and 3yo fight over the wheelbarrow.

We've got the yard almost cleaned up, so my husband elbows me and tells me it's time to make a break. When I get out to the car (I stopped in the kitchen to get drinks for them...because I'm a good Korean daughter-in-law), my husband asks me to run back and lock the front door. I wonder aloud about how a potential burglar would react upon entering the house and then running headlong into a pissed-off old ROK soldier with a chainsaw. We laugh all the way home at that.

It's raining when we get home. 6yo and 3yo start taking pictures of each other with their father's camera phone. They start with hands, feet, ears....then they decide they need to take some koondang shots. I confiscate the phone before they decide to drop trou.

Having lost the camera, they start a new game...rhyming variations of their names. The 3yo is laughing so hard that he can't think of more than one rhyme for his brother's name, so he just keeps repeating it, while the 6yo comes up with more and more creative versions of 3yo's name. After that gets old, they fall back on an old favorite...calling each other "food article"-head. 45 minutes of knee-slapping, floor-rolling, shrieking hilarity at "pizza-head! banana-head! chicken-head! myukgook-head!" (It's a Korean thing).

Altogether, a very nice holiday. Hope all you potato-heads had the same.


FranIAm said...


CDP said...


Sauntering Soul said...

I think I am employed by the only law firm in Atlanta that didn't get the day off. And to think, I could have been out in the yard picking up sticks instead of being here at work. Or taking koondang pictures of someone (but definitely not of myself).

CDP said...

See what you miss?

The Guv'ner said...

I prefer cabbage head myself. Please note for the future. :)

I bet your kids are adorable. Any little kids who think to photograph their koondang with a camera phone are ok by me.

3carnations said...

We hear pizzahead sometimes, too. Very popular with the 3 year olds, I think.

CDP said...

Cabbage-head--duly noted. Yes, they're pretty funny. They were photographing the clothed koondangs, and it was only a matter of time before the situation degenerated...remember, this is the 6yo who farted in the phone at his father.

3carnations--Pizzahead is definitely the most commonly used of the food insults.

Worker Mommy said...

I worked during my "holiday". Sadly we dont get that day off.

Glad you had a good day , you turkey sandwich head (uhh can you guess what I'm having for lunch)

CDP said...

WM--I had the same thing! (turkey-head!)

Anonymous said...

Jelly Head here. Don't ask but my 3 year old nephew apparently thought it was hilarious.

CDP said...

They're so easily amused. Unlike their elders. ahem.

Anonymous said...

Ah, dang! You put a stop to koondang pix? I love finding body part pix on my cellphone.

Of course, MathMan really needs to stop doing that.

BTW, I taught koondang to The Spawn. Even at their somewhat older ages, it's all koondang, all the time!

And we're scat or animal head name callers.


Anonymous said...

There's always the old reliable standby...DORK! Can't forget that one.... Teach them well CDP. Teach them the way of sibling name calling.

Distributorcap said...


i got to watch ET for the 600th time while it rained on the boat...

have they gotten to penisbreath yet? that is what they used in the movie. drew barrymore laughed,

nice holiday!

CDP said...

Dcup--Excellent work! It's so important that they have some familiarity with foreign languages.

Spartacus--I don't seem to need to teach them just yet, they're doing an admirable job of insulting each other without my assistance!

DCap--Ha, I haven't seen that in years, and I forgot that line! No, I won't be teaching them that, but I'm sure someone will.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I hear ted Nugent is going to write a song for your sons, it's going to be called, "Wang Dang, Sweet Koondang." With my nephews it was "booty," as in "booty head," "kiss my booty," and "booty breath."

CDP said...

Dr. M, you are silliness personified. That is high praise, btw.

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