Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wha' happened?

I'm not sure why I'm now requesting ratings for my posts (nor why I'd limit readers to a mere five stars). I looked through every option on posting, settings, and layout, and have found nothing to explain how these rating requests have appeared nor how to make them disappear. Who knows?

No, really, that's not a rhetorical question; if you know, please leave a comment for me.

I might be out of commission for a few days, since my oral surgery is tomorrow. Please send me ice cream. You should probably include dry ice, I don't like it melted. Thank you in advance.

Please respond to my scientifically-designed poll, in which I solicit your opinion on whether or not a shoe store that doesn't have ANY black ballet or Mary Jane flats should be permitted to still call itself a shoe store. Results next week.


christina said...

i already voted on your poll, so now i want to comment about it: I WANT A PAIR OF CUTE MARY JANES! i've been looking everywhere and i can't find any and i know that people are still wearing them because i SEE them on famous people. my friend got a cute pair from jcrew, but i don't want to spend my entire allowance on one pair of shoes. ugh.

good luck with the oral. [tee hee]

CDP said...

Right, they're in EVERY magazine, so why would a so-called shoe store not have a ton of them in stock. Sheesh.

And thanks. Har har. Everybody's a comedian.

Anonymous said...

Voted! Unthinkable to not have flats and ballet slippers.

Ice cream on its way.

The new look with all the rating things is a little intimidating. But then it's late and I'm tired and feeling like I might eat that ice cream before it gets to you.....

Be well!

enc said...

A shoe store lacking those two essential items is merely a hoax perpetrated on those of us who are reasonable, albeit unsuspecting shoppers.

Good luck with your oral surgery. It'll be fine.

When you hear the "BEEP—BEEP—BEEP" in front of your house tomorrow, that'll be the Ben & Jerry's semi backing it's 4-ton payload into your driveway.

You do like Phish Food and Chunky Monkey, don't you?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sure, ask a monkey with a foot fetish to answer a poll question about shoes. You are a cruel woman.

CDP said...

BFKADC--If I don't get my ice cream, I'll know what happened, and I know where to find you

enc--exactly, right? And those ice cream flavors will be lovely, thank you.

Dr. Monkey--the interests of science and research must be served.

dguzman said...

I also voted in the poll, even though I only wear "sensible" shoes, as I'm lesbian!

I don't know what you mean about the ratings thing--perhaps I'll see it when I click "publish"?

WendyB said...

I give this post EIGHTY-ONE STARS!

Worker Mommy said...

Huh, ratings on your posts ??

I'm confused.

Anyhoo, I probably won't send ice cream but I do have some vicodin I can probably mail;) and I'll make sure your medication is shipped properly. Unlike my hubby...*sigh*

Wyldth1ng said...

Have you all gone mad?

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well tomorrow. I'm eating ice cream right now. Does that help? Oh, wait, you wanted ice cream for yourself? My bad.

Distributorcap said...

what about Jimmy Choo's or Pumas?

so what is your rating?

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm behind on my blog reading as usual. I ate all the ice cream already.

Hope your recovery is going well!

CDP said...

dguzman--Lesbians are allowed to wear cute shoes! (and Mary Janes and ballet flats are very sensible and comfortable)

WendyB--thank you! (that's on a scale of 1-81, correct?)

WM--the ratings disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared. And yes, if you decide to send drugs, be sure that it's you and not Mr. WM who does the packaging

Wyld--no, silly

Suze--why, you...

DCap--Jimmy Choos aren't in the budget, what with the small children and large mortgage

SS--you and Suze, grr!

Anonymous said...

CDP - Voted on the shoe question. Sorry I'm a guy. Have no clue what's going on with the rating requests, but like DCap, I'm interested in knowing what yours is. Finally, I have no ice cream to send because my kids would never allow it, but I do hope you're feeling better after the surgery.

susan said...

Hope you're feeling better and that you don't mind I ate the ice cream in your honor :-)

btw - have you never heard of buying shoes on-line? Check this. They ship free and the same with returns.

CDP said...

Spartacus--that's OK, it's the thought that counts.

Oh, how ridiculous is that? It's the ice cream that counts. :)

Susan--You and everybody else, with the eating of MY ice cream! And yes, I know about online shoe shopping, but what's to complain about there?

Whiskeymarie said...

Late here- hope it went well, I know that the oral surgery stuff in NO FUN AT ALL.
Tee hee.

enc said...

I know this is sort of a dead issue, since the stars have been taken away, but I saw this notice on today:

Just thought you might want to know—for your own sanity.

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