Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Ain't Heavy

My size zero (no kidding, really) sister and I were talking last week, and she was telling me about a coworker…”he eats like a kid”, she said. “Seriously! Sometimes I walk into his office, and he’s at his desk eating an entire candy bar!”

Wow. Like an entire candy bar. All at one sitting. I cannot even imagine. OK, so I can.
To my sister, eating an ENTIRE candy bar is an idea so foreign, so ridiculous, so “who does that?” that she can use it as an example of another person’s reckless immaturity. To me, eating an entire candy bar is just 3 pm on a weekday.

So siblings are different. They say that other than identical twins (someone says it, but I’m not writing a research paper here, so I’m not backing that statement up with anything), same-sex siblings are the closest of relatives. My sister and I are full siblings, 15 months apart, and we look somewhat alike (her hair is blond, mine is brown, she’s a size zero, I’m an eight on good days and a ten on bad days, but we have similar bone structure and eye color), but in matters of taste, personality, and opinions, we are very far apart. Not polar opposites, by any means, but different enough that we’d probably not choose to hang out together if we weren’t sisters.

I watch my two sons, and I see some dramatic, but superficial differences. Take candy, while we’re on the subject. (Oh yes, we are on the subject. By the way, it’s 3:30). If they get a chance to have candy, 7YO will ALWAYS choose chocolate, 3YO will ALWAYS choose Starbursts or his beloved Twizz-a-lers (he adds a syllable). 3YO nearly always wants an egg sandwich on wheat toast for breakfast, 7yo has decided that he hates eggs, and he has Quaker Oat Squares in the morning instead. 3yo loves cantaloupe and is lukewarm on watermelon; 7yo could eat a whole watermelon and won’t touch cantaloupe. 3yo is allergic to peanuts and loves turkey sandwiches for lunch; 7yo refuses any sandwich EXCEPT peanut butter and his favorite grilled cheese. 3yo has an explosive temper; 7yo simmers and can hold a grudge.

But my sister and I understand each other. We think the same things are funny, and we react in the same way to various family dramas and intrigues; our insight into other people’s psychology is nearly identical. And 7yo and 3yo are the same way. 3yo can make a face that he knows will have his older brother rolling helplessly on the floor; 7yo knows that any announcement he makes about his latest bathroom visit will be pure comedy gold for his little brother. They both love to build with Legos, and to catch lightning bugs, and to talk their father into stopping at 7-Eleven for Slurpees, and to talk both of us into allowing them to get in bed with us before they go to bed. I hope that they’ll always choose to hang out together, no matter how differently they might feel about politics, movies, or 3 pm Hershey Bars (or Twizz-a-lers).


enc said...

My sister and I do and say and like many, many, many of the same things. We have a saying: "Same DNA!" when we finish each other's sentences, etc. Neither of us can figure out where our brother came from. :?

FranIAm said...

Twiz-a-lers. I love that!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I have that sort of connection with my siblings, but more so with my sister. Since my kids are girl-boy-girl with a nearly 8 year difference between the girls, I've noticed that the Actor and Cupcake are closer. I just hope that they are able to appreciate each other as adults. It's taken a few years, but my siblings and I have geographically distant but loving relationships. We can go a long time without talking and then pick up right where we left off.

Gnugs said...

I always wished that I had a sister. But noting that it took 20+ years for my brother an I to have a civil conversation, or to spend more than 5 minutes in the same room without large objects in between us without blood being spilt, that might not have gone over too well.

3carnations said...

A whole candy bar. Don't tell, but I've been known to do that every once in a while, too. :)

CDP said...

enc--we also wonder about our brother's origins! Seriously, he really doesn't think like we do (although we do laugh at a lot of the same things)

fran--and they're delishush (another 3yo-ism)

dcup--no one knows you like a sister, right?

gnugs--my sister and I fought physically nearly every day when we were children!

3carn--so much for our size-zero aspirations, right?

Sauntering Soul said...

I worked with a girl who could make a normal sized Snicker bar last for an entire week. She would take a bite each day and then wrap it up and put it in her desk. Who does that?! She's not even a size zero. Don't worry, I took every opportunity I could to make fun of her for it.

The only candy bar that lasts longer than 30 minutes around me is a giant, dark chocolate (70% or higher cocoa) one from Whole Foods. I can eat just one square of those a day and be satisfied.

r cubed said...

I eat entire candy bars just while standing in front of the fridge deciding what to eat for dinner.

My sister and I are actually polar opposites, so much so that I wonder if mom didn' know, have a pool boy or something.
Great post.

dguzman said...

Gees, if I can't even eat a whole KitKat bar in one sitting, then being a size zero just isn't worth it.

I also like your self-sizing--8 on a good day, 10 on a bad. I'm right there with ya, only with 10 and 12. It's amazing how much weight can fluctuate!

liss n kids said...

I just saw my sister for the first time in three years...she's five years old! So I'm not sure how much we have in common at the moment, but she sure did get along well with Jabber!

My brother and I are remarkably similar despite our many differences. Isn't it great to watch those differences in your kids? I sure hope my boys will be good pals all their lives, but they do have some differences, that's for sure.

I wonder what your sister would say about me eating an entire large bag of jelly beans in two days. So much for the size zero.

pistols at dawn said...

Just one whole candy bar? Bush league.

I'm not waiting for diabetes, I'm actively seeking that bastard out.

And my brother and I get along well, but since we both have friends, there's not really much need for us to communicate. Except by sonar, because we're half bat.

Worker Mommy said...

So I've got a twin sister (fraternal) and for as incredibly close as we are we are very different. (BTW, She's a size zero too - crazy huh and an athlete and fitness uh none of those).

Matt said...

Some people just have great genes like that. They can eat whatever they want. My roommate, the Amazing Asian, will finish my plate at dinner and she's a size 0.

My sister and I are polar opposites. We disagree on everything, religion, politics, our parents and we both like to debate. We love each other but you put us in the same room and sparks fly.


Dr. Zaius said...

**hrumph** If she doesn't want to eat the whole candy bar, I'll eat it!

chris said...

I'm so different from my sisters and my 5 children are all very different from each other. Come to think of it, they don't even look like...Hmmmmmm...Gotta talk to the wife about this...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You had me at candy bar.

CDP said...

SS--I LOVE those giant 70% cocoa chocolate bars. Now I need to go and get one.

R cubed--If my sister and I didn't look so much alike, I'd have my suspicions...

Dguzman--EXACTLY...I think that I COULD be a size zero, but at what cost?

Liss--I have a much-younger sister, too...ehe'll be 21 in October!

Pistols--you don't do anything halfway, do you?

WM--oh my gosh, she's a fitness trainer?

Matt--yes, I envy those people. The one thing I'd change about my body would be my metabolism.

Dr. Z---you are too late, I have already taken care of it.

Chris--uh oh...will you end up on Dr. Phil?

Dr. M--I knew that I'd have you at candy bar.

BeckEye said...

Oh, I miss Hershey Park. I bought one of those 5 lb Hershey bars once and took it into work, and the vultures finished it off in about 2 hours.

CDP said...

BeckEye--me too, I haven't been there in years.

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