Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bonfire of the Mundanities

Yesterday's post about my favorite tea and my rambling writing style compelled you to return, didn't it? Because after THAT, you thought I'd HAVE to write something interesting. I like that you're easily taken in by a simple ruse like this, because so am I.

I'm almost finished my paper. Swim team is over for the summer. School (for the soon to be second-grader) doesn't start yet for another three weeks, and school (for me) is almost over til the middle of September. Not only that, but I'm on vacation in two days. All of this is to say that without a constant feeling of "what's due, where do I need to be, what do I need to do, where's my list" low-level panic, I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm going to pick up my children tonight, and we don't have to be anywhere or to do anything, and I don't have to read or write anything I don't want to read or write. Oh sure, I have to pack, but that's nothing. Laundry? Big effing deal. Errands? Whatever. Blogging? OK, well there's a bit of a problem because I seem to have reached an inspiration impasse, which I hope is temporary. Nothing profoundly interesting or hilariously funny has really struck me this week (well, nothing that I haven't already read about elsewhere). Here are some possible future posts to which you can look forward

- My recent haircut, somewhat terrifying since the heavily-accented Italian man who cut my hair seemed to also have a fairly debilitating speech impediment. He kept holding up my hair and asking questions, and I kept answering, all the while thinking "Mother of God help me, I have no effing idea what he just said." It turned out OK, though. Especially ironic, since I had gone to this new salon specifically because I seemed to be having difficulty communicating with my former matter WHAT I told this woman (who speaks perfect English and seems unencumbered by any difficulty with speech or hearing), she gave me the same haircut she'd been giving me for nearly three years.

-The grades on my last and next paper, assuming they're good. If I don't write about them, you'll know I did badly.

-Second-grade orientation for the boy who still announces daily that he's "seven years old!" Why can't he have a Coke, HE'S SEVEN YEARS OLD! His scooter is in the trunk, why can't he get out of the car on Georgia Avenue and ride home because HE'S SEVEN YEARS OLD! HE KNOWS THE WAY! Why can't he watch "Family Guy" with Ahpa, HE'S SEVEN YEARS OLD! (and hey, Ahpa? I KNOW YOU'RE LETTING HIM WATCH IT WHEN I'M NOT HOME. Why else would he suggest the name "Brian" for a neighbor's new puppy?)

-My three-year-old's passionate and growing obsession with Legos. He insists now on taking them to bed with him, so even when he's asleep, he's never seen without a tiny Lego person or structure clutched in his hand.

So, even without much to do, I can still make a list out of it. And even with little to say, I can say it in no fewer than 500 words.


The Guv'ner said...

At least you're not me, I'm in a TOTAL drought. This means I need to play some games instead.

Falwless said...

Okay, I was going to make some dumb smartass comment, but then I got to the whole "why can't I ride my scooter home I'M SEVEN YEARS OLD!" and then this part:

My three-year-old's passionate and growing obsession with Legos. He insists now on taking them to bed with him, so even when he's asleep, he's never seen without a tiny Lego person or structure clutched in his hand.

... and I melted.

These are the most "awwwwwww" things I've read all week.

And, despite my gruff facade, I live for "awwwww"s. :)

CDP said...

Guv'ner--play some games, then blog about it! Who knows what depths I'll sink to...I have laundry to do tonight, and y'all might be reading about it tomorrow.

Falwless--You should see when he talks to the little Lego people when he thinks no one is looking at him...

pistols at dawn said...

I take legos to bed every night trying to build my dream woman: one who can't talk back.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Why can't he do that stuff? After all he is SEVEN YEARS OLD.

Anonymous said...

Okay then. I'm not SEVEN YEARS OLD - does that mean I can stop doing things now?

I want to go on vacation with you! I promise I won't shout my age at you even once.

FranIAm said...

If this is a lack of inspiration, you've got me sister.

And that whole naming the dog Brian was the giveaway, wasn't it?

We love The Family Guy here, and Miss Thing does watch it, does not always get it.



enc said...

I've been droughting it up for weeks. You're doing much better at it than I am. This post was wonderful and entertaining, and I'm jealous of it.

CDP said...

Pistols--you have won my about to be launched comment of the week contest. Congratulations

Dr. Monkey--he'd love you, you'd totally let him do all of that, wouldn't you?

Dcup--but I bet I'd have to shout it at you..."Lisa, get down off that bar, you're 42 years old! This is not a nude should know that, you're 42 years old!"

Fran--my husband LOVES that show. I like it too, but I never have time to watch it, and I don't let him have it on when the kids are around...yes, "Brian" as a dog's name was a dead giveaway.

ENC--you're so nice to me. And OM has been FABULOUS lately, what are you talking about?

Sauntering Soul said...

I wrote about Brett Favre yesterday and I don't even like football so you can tell I've had little blogging inspiration too.

My cousin's autistic son (he's SIX YEARS OLD) sleeps with a small wooden flag every night. He calls it America instead of a flag and absolutely loves it.

Distributorcap said...

for someone who had nothing to write -- i wish i was that inspired

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