Saturday, August 9, 2008

Greetings from Sea Isle City New Jersey

This is one of those timed posts, so if I do this right (and there is of course no guarantee that I will), you'll be reading this just as we pull into scenic Philadelphia-by-the-Sea for our annual beach week with my family. My Korean husband looks forward to this week as much for the comedy potential inherent in being The Only Asian At The Jersey Shore as for the beach itself (the "only Asian" routine is difficult to pull off in our hometown of Silver Spring, Maryland). Two years ago, we were picking up coffee and bagels, and he noticed a Caucasian couple with their obviously-adopted Asian baby. He spent the rest of the day telling everyone who'd listen that he thought about calling the cops and telling them that these people had kidnapped his baby..."they'd totally believe it". Last year, his sister was coming out of the water and a 12 or so girl ran up to her, waving her hands..."see! They still look good!". Yes, the poor child thought that my sister-in-law worked at the nail salon. He still tries to tell me that story..."Did I tell you about the time Linda was at the beach..." and I have to remind him that I WAS THERE. I SAW THE WHOLE THING HAPPEN. Still, a good time is had by him.


enc said...

What a great sense of humor.

DCup said...

I can just see you your face when you remind him that you were right there.

I hope you're having fun! And we love that salt water taffy brand!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

He loves to hammer jokes into the ground they way I do. No wonder I like him so much.

Suzel said...

Hey have fun "down the shore". Lucky girl!

Slick said...'s a great thing to have a sense of humor like he does!

Hope you guys have an awesome time at the beach!

FranIAm said...

Ah... downthashore. Sea Isle no less!

I promise that I will not make any bad dry cleaner jokes when I meet Mr. CDP.

Matt said...

I love this. My girlfriend is Korean but was adopted by an American couple at the age of 5 and raised here. So when we go to the Asian grocer they all know her as "The Korean who speak no Korean"

I hear it about once a week and it's still funny.



Wyldth1ng said...

Is your husband American?

That is all that ever ask.

It is the Americans that hate America that need to side stepped.

BeckEye said...

Enjoy your vacay! I wish I was back at the beach.

Falwless said...

Hahaha. I hope you have a wonderful vacation, miss. And don't worry about me, that you didn't invite me will only sting for a few days. Hopefully.

Sauntering Soul said...

I used to go to Nascar races down here in Atlanta (go ahead and joke) with one of my good friends. She happens to be 5'10" tall(which is only 6 inches taller than me) and Korean. She sort of stood out in the crowd.

We were also at a Braves game one time and she was acting like a total goofball. The couple behind us started asking her if she needed help and talked to her in a very child-like manner because they thought she was mentally challenged. Which has absolutely nothing to do with being Korean or 5'10" tall but it was effing hilarious.

pistols at dawn said...

I find that telling a story multiple times keeps a relationship fresh. I mean, I would, if she was ever awake during any of said "relationship."

Whiskeymarie said...

If my husband has to listen to a story less than three times it's a miracle.

I'm a repeater, such is life.

The Guv'ner said...

I talk crap mostly and can never remember WHO I've told the crap to, so sometimes people just have to suck it up and hear it twice. Ha.

I love your husband. Not in a touch his ass way but in a "what a cool guy he sounds!" way. :)

Michael said...

Very funny.

I am reminded of the Chris Rock routine where he imagines his wife saying "Do you remember the time...", and he responds, "Of course I remember the time! I was there! Why don't you get kidnapped, have something new happen to you!"

My wife is Filipino, and we had pretty much the opposite experience. After marrying, we moved to Massachusetts, where I'm from. She kept insisting to me that whereever she went, she was the only person of color. I kept saying this was ludicrous.

But I didn't SEE it.

We live here now, (New Jersey, but the other side-near Philly) and I can now appreciate that she was right-there are a lot fewer white people here.

Over time, that's one of the things I have begun to love about New Jersey-it's almost impossible to be racist. If you hate non white people in New Jersey, you're going to be mad the WHOLE DAMN DAY.

(Of course, I know there ARE New Jersey racists. I just don't know how they manage it.)

CDP said...

enc--yes, he cracks himself up (and me too, most of the time)

dcup--it's the only one worth eating!

Dr. M--exactly, that's him to a T!

Suze--it was awesome!

slick--we totally did, thanks!

Fran--you can, you wouldn't be the first!

Matt--that is funny. I know another adopted Korean who speaks absolutely no Korean.

Wyld--I'm with you; if you're here, you're an American.

Beck--so do I, it was hard to come home.

Fal--you didn't get my message? No wonder you didn't meet us there. Oh well, next year.

SS--that's hilarious!

Pistols--what? can you repeat that?

WM--me too, but not as much as my husband (not even close)

Guv--I can't imagine a refined person such as yourself talking "crap".

Michael--that's funny, and totally true of where I live, too. If you're a racist, you'd better get the hell out of Silver Spring 'cause you'll be pissed off all the time. Thanks for commenting!

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