Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Old School

My class is over, and I don't start another one til mid-September. It's a profound relief. I got a 96 on the 2nd of the 3 papers and don't expect a grade on the third until after Labor Day, and I took the final on Sunday (weird, isn't it? They have finals weekends for these abbreviated summer sessions, and I scheduled mine on Sunday so I wouldn't need to cut my vacation short).

The exam was of the old school variety, on paper with an actual writing implement; not a keyboard in sight. I might or might not have blogged about this before, but I REALLY hate to write essays in longhand, and that unfortunately is what I had to do. Three hours, three essays, in PENCIL, in little white (not blue) examination books. Agonizing. I don't even know what the hell I wrote, and good luck to my instructor who has to figure it out, because my handwriting is not of the copperplate variety. I don't write ANYTHING in longhand if I can help it.

But I'm free now! Well, partially free, since 7yo starts school next week, and if our experiences with Kindergarten and first grade are any indication, he should have homework starting on the second day. Who or what is responsible for the fact that school now starts in August? Whatever happened to Labor Day as the official end of summer? I'd like a word with this person or entity if I may.


Slick said...

Longhand is fast becoming a lost art.

Might be why I suck at it too!! lol

liss n kids said...

I HATE writing essays by hand, too, and I have lovely handwriting (and printing, and oh, several different styles of handwriting), but I just CANNOT keep up with my brain that way. When I type, I can almost maintain the flow of thought to printed word. And my hand doesn't ache the whole time.

liss n kids said...

Oh, and also? I would like to help you confront the school-in-August person.

Anonymous said...

And speak to them about the five day work week would ya? I never agreed to that.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the brief break from school. But this business of writing long hand. With a pencil? Who are you taking classes with? Madame Exx, Dominatrix of the Delaware?

Boo hiss to the school before Labor Day. We're becoming more and more uncivilized all the time.

(what Suzel says about the 5 day work week.)

FranIAm said...

Longhand? I couldn't do it.

As for your son... I say, keep him home until after Labor Day. That will show the bastids who scheduled school in fecking August!

(Keep him home AND watch Spaceballs in an endless loop.)

OK, Kidding.

CDP said...

Slick--a lost art...yes, that will be my excuse for my horrible handwriting.

Liss--my hand was KILLING me for the rest of the day. And let's kick the ass of the "school in August" genius.

Suze--me neither!

Dcup--we need a Federally-mandated 30 hour work week, and school in session from day after Labor Day til Friday before Memorial Day.

Fran--see, the Spaceballs thing is becoming an actual problem. I might be blogging more about that later. Damn Mel Brooks.

CDP said...
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Anonymous said...

CDP - from someone whose typing skills define the art of "hunt-and-peck", I have to ask: what's wrong with writing long hand? Congrats on your paper grades and I'm sure you did fine on the essay. Heck, I'll take that over a six hour multiple choice exam on system security any day.

Falwless said...

I haaate having to write out essays, just like you. Haven't had to do it in many years but just the thought of it makes me want to stick a sharp pencil underneath my fingernail.

(I bet you thought I was gonna say in my eye, huh? Changin' it up, yo!)

pistols at dawn said...

I would write in hand in cursive as long as I never had to write a capital Q or Z. Or any other letter.

CDP said...

Spartacus--that's just it, because my typing skills are awesome.

Fal--I did, yo! Threw me a curve, playa! Go on with your bad self!

Pistols--Did you go to Catholic school? Capital Q was my least favorite letter in the Palmer Method. Looked like the number 2. Stupid Q. Eff it and the horse it rode in on. But Z? What's wrong with Z?

enc said...

I'm old school too, I don't get the early start. I went to school the first day after Labor Day. Got out in June.

And only got two days off for T'giving. 12 gets a whole week off! What a rook! (For all of us who didn't get that time off, I mean.)

Congratulations on getting good grades, gritting your teeth on those gnarly essays, and doing all that grueling work.

(I'm behind, commenting days after you wrote this. Sorry!)

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