Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Run-On Blogging

I have absolutely nothing to write about today. Will that stop me from posting? Not likely. It’s not that nothing is going on, it’s just that there’s nothing blog-appropriate, other than school, and frankly, I’m tired of writing about it so I’m pretty sure you’re tired of reading about it. That was a run-on sentence. I happen to like run-on sentences; sometimes a complete thought is a slightly incoherent and rambling thought and a run-on sentence is necessary. I’ve decided against hiring a copy editor, for this very reason. Copy editors hate run-on sentences. But I like them. Here are some other things that I
like right now:

Those little porcelain animals that come packed in boxes of Red Rose Tea. Just now, I decided to Google them and learned that they’re made by the George Wade Pottery Company of England. They’re formally known as “Wade Whimsies”, which is why I like to call them those little porcelain animals that come packed in boxes of Red Rose Tea (but they are quite whimsical). Currently, I have four (turtle, rabbit, puppies, and kittens) from the Pet Shop Series. I had a nearly complete set of the Circus Series in the 90s, and I gave them away to the four-year-old daughter of a friend, who treasured them. My soon to be 21 sister collected American Series #2 back in the late 80s/early 90s. Mind you, I didn’t know until just now that there were series or even who manufactured them. I’m not a collector, so if I happen to have a small group of things, I never think of how to complete the set, how to display it, how much it’s worth (these come free in a $3 box of tea bags, so I’m thinking not much). I just happen to like these little figures and am happy to open my box of tea and find one.

Three Cups of Tea. RCubed was right about this book. It’s very inspiring. Not so much that I intend to try to scale K2 and then build a school out of supplies hauled through nearly impassable mountains, but enough that my next charitable donation will go to the Central Asia Institute. Some of us warm ourselves with yak dung fires in the Himalaya while bargaining in Urdu for supplies which we’ll carry by hand through incredibly dangerous terrain under dreadful conditions. Some of us write small checks.

One cup of tea. I have one every night at about 8:30 pm. Red Rose Tea (usually), with a little sugar and some milk.

My car. It’s seven years old, purchased just before my son was born, and I never have to do anything to it other than change the oil.


Stella Artois Beer

Diet Coke

SpongeBob SquarePants, especially “Karate Island” and the one where SpongeBob and Patrick mistakenly believe that cuss words are “sentence enhancers”. Hilarious.

The fancy cream I bought at Nordstrom Rack, for about 25% of what it would have cost at retail.

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups



That there’s still a few weeks of summer left

Your funny funny funny blogs.


enc said...

I just googled those figurines, because I'd never heard of them before, and they're really great—So great that I almost want to get some Red Rose Tea, and that'd be easy, because they sell it online.

How's that for a run-on sentence. Did you ever notice that I love them too? I bet you've noticed.

You've got a long list of likes there, and sandwiches, Diet Coke, Sponge Bob, sandals, notebooks, and your blog are all on my List-O-Likes.

The Guv'ner said...

My favorite tea drink is from Starbucks of all places. It's red passion tea (Iced and unsweetened) and mixed with lemonade. YUM YUM YUM. Seriously, try it sometime. It's fruity and fantastic.

I have to substitute your Diet Coke for my much superior (ha!) Diet Pepsi. I can't get through a day without it. It's like crack.

My fave casual sandal - because I know you care - is the Teva Olowahu flip flop in black. Super comfy and cute and I wear it all summer every summer.

CDP said...

ENC--you can get Red Rose tea at any grocery store, and then you can have your little figurine right away! And your blog is one of my favorites too.

Guv--I like iced tea drinks, so I'll have to try that. And if you can admit to liking Tevas, then I'll admit that I like Crocs. (Well, they're ugly, but they're too comfortable to really hate.)

Dr Zibbs said...

Those figurines are worth didly without a certificate of authenticity

Falwless said...

I LOVE Spongebob.

I don't have any children and I'm tragically behind the times in things considered "popular," so I only discovered this delightful little pants-wearing ocean-dweller about a year and a half ago. And I am hooked. HOOKED, I TELL YOU!

The show is simply fantastic. I seriously find myself laughing aloud at some episodes. And I absolutely adore Patrick, that big dope.

(I also love Diet Coke.)

Great list.

CDP said...

Dr. Z-- Damn it. There goes my plan for a very lucrative online auction.

Falwless--I learned about SBSP when my older son, now 7, was about 3, and there are episodes I've seen at LEAST 10 times that still crack me up. Like when Plankton sings the F-U-N song, or when Squidwerd starts a strike against the Krusty Krab and he tells Spongebob to make a picket sign, so Spongebob paints a large nose with a finger inserted. Highlarious. OK, that was a long comment response.

DCup said...

I love this. All I can say is...
Me too! on Stella, tea (now I'm going to have to try Red Rose), funny blogs, sandwiches, sandals, Campbells's soups (same flavors) and notebooks.

Slick said...

You like a lot of stuff....

I didn't see any electronics which is proof that you're female. ;)

CDP said...

dcup--those Belgians can brew some beer, can't they? And I guess your list would need to include tank tops...

slick--I could have included my iPod, but that's about it. Yes, the fact that I actually like a 7 year old Honda, tea, flowers, and Diet Coke is definitely proof that I'm a girl.

teach people not books said...

i <3 stella artois. right now i'm on a blue moon kick.

i'm with you on run-ons. one of my old professors would tell us to "cut the lard," yet another complimented me on my run-on sentence genius, as they tended, despite all their run-on-ingness, to be absolutely grammatically sound. ahhh papers...

no tea for me, 1 cup of coffee+1 solo latte a day and i'm good to go. is it sad that i wake up every day with a caffeine headache? maybe that means i should just wake up earlier... nah.

CDP said...

TPNB---you're right...NAH! If you have a caffeine headache, just have some coffee or a nice Diet Coke, and you're all set! I have coffee in the morning, but tea in the afternoon and evening.

Sauntering Soul said...

My current most liked thing is sleep. Unfortunately, I'm not getting nearly enough of it.

I was addicted to Diet Coke and dropped it cold turkey. If you knew me in real life you'd be amazed that today marks 4 months since I've had a single Diet Coke. Of course talking about it, I really want one right now. And the lack of that jolt of caffeine might be why I want to sleep so much.

CDP said...

SS--for you (and only for you) I'm going to stop discussing Peanut M&Ms and Diet Coke on my blog.

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