Monday, August 18, 2008

This Boardwalk Life for Me is Through...

Actually, I didn’t even really see a boardwalk last week. We did have a fabulous vacation, though. Our weather was perfect and the ocean water was warm and free of jellyfish. Our children, introduced to it by my husband, developed an obsession with the movie “Spaceballs”. Yes, that’s right. Had I seen it first, they would never have seen it, but they fell in love with it and I didn’t have the heart to forbid them from seeing it again. Even after 3yo spent the entire day on Monday repeating his favorite line:“We’re not just doing this for money. We’re doing it for a SHITLOAD of money!”
“Don’t say that sweetie”, I’d say, choking with the effort of restrained hysteria
“But Long Star says it! In the movie!”
“You mean ‘Lone Star’?”
“No, his name is LONG Star”
If you haven’t seen “Spaceballs”, I’d recommend it just for Rick Moranis in the gigantic Darth-Vader-like helmet. His character is named, appropriately, “Dark Helmet”. (3yo insisted on wearing a Tupperware bowl on his head for much of the week). A very young Daphne Zuniga is also quite funny as Princess Vespa, who refuses to get her hands dirty in battle until someone messes with her hair. “They shot my HAIR?” (shoulders an Uzi) “Son of a BITCH”. (This, unfortunately, was 3yo’s second favorite line of the movie)

So here was our typical day:
Wake up.
Have coffee, hang around the house, feed kids breakfast.
Go for bike ride; 7yo on his bike and 3yo on child seat on husband’s bike (daily negotiation with 3yo to convince him that his Tupperware bowl is not acceptable headgear for biking).
Prepare for beach: Sunscreen, beach toys, picnic cooler, towels, 7yo’s boogie board.
Return from beach, shower, clean cooler, hang towels, etc.
Return from dinner. Have a beer and relax while boys and their 7 year old cousin watch their daily screening of “Spaceballs”. Watch Olympics.
Repeat for 6 days.
I miss it already, and I miss summer already. C’est la vie, though. We all have to work for a living. And the thing is that I don’t just do it for money.
I do it for a SHITLOAD of money.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Blazing Saddles is next!

CDP said...

Over my dead body, Monkey Man!

DCup said...

Oooh. Sounds delightful!

Did you get 3yo to give up the Tupperware topper to go to preschool?

pistols at dawn said...

I think I watched that movie approximately 15,000 times as a child, so if you ever want them to be capable of love or a decent job, you might want to take it away from them.

CDP said...

Dcup--yes, but he's still not all that happy about it.

Pistols--Oh holy Mother of God. Well, thanks for the warning.

dguzman said...


Whiskeymarie said...

I LOVED Spaceballs, and I turned out o.k.


Suzel said...

I bet you have a shitload of blogs to read don't you?

Doorman-Priest said...

I say just relent and let them watch The Family Guy at this point...

Wow! It sounds like a fun vacation and makes me sad that I did not get "down the shore" this summer.

Distributorcap said...

when you are a kid the summer is forever.

now it is over before it starts

nice vacation


Spartacus said...

Sounds like you had a great time. But I would recommend Young Frankenstein next.

enc said...

A perfect post.

Welcome back, I missed you!

CDP said...

Dguzman--it was!

WM--yes you did, missy. (What's the matter, Col. Sanders? Chicken?)

Suze--A shitload!

D-P--I long ago lost the Family Guy battle. Sigh.

Dcap and Spartacus--I love Young Frankenstein. And my mom made me sit and watch The Producers (original version) with her when I was 11 or so, and I thought it was highlarious. I still do.

ENC--thanks, I missed you too!

The Guv'ner said...

I don't think I've ever seen "Spaceballs" - is this illegal? I suggest that next, for your kids' viewing pleasure, the works of Quentin Tarantino. That should expand their vocabularies CONSIDERABLY! :)

Sauntering Soul said...

I've never seen Spaceballs either guv'ner. Let's start a club.

Did you get a sunburn? Because I have a horrible sunburn and I didn't even go to the beach. I got sunburned sitting through 3 soccer games in two days this weekend. Somehow a beach vacation sounds like a much better way to get a sunburn.

Matty Boy said...

All I remember from Spaceballs is:

"May the Schwartz be with you."


"What's the matter, Colonel Sanders? Chicken?"

Wait. Other things are bubbling up. This could take a while.

Glad you had some time to get away this summer.

CDP said...

Guv--I must decline your kind offer to babysit. Thanks anyway!

SS--I used the mother of all sunscreens, so I didn't burn this time (but if I had to, you're right...better at the beach than at a soccer game)

CDP said...

Matty--I missed your comment. I loved the Col. Sanders line. ALso, "Why don't you go back to the golf course and work on your putts?" Bah!

Falwless said...

I am pretty sure I am a horrible adult because I think it's hilarious when a child says something inappropriate. So, in other words, LOVE your kids! YESSSS!

BeckEye said...

Spaceballs is an awesome movie. But you should totally get them to watch Tommy Boy. I forced my nieces to watch it and they're glad I did.

CDP said...

Beckeye--I'm kind of looking forward to when they're old enough to watch Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy with me.

Fal--It is pretty damn funny. Now his favorite line is "how many assholes are there on this ship?"

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