Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Call is Important to Us

Right now, I’m avoiding a task which I particularly dislike. I’m temporarily locked out of a system to which I need access and our IS guy wasn’t able to help me, so he’s thrown me to the wolves. Meaning I have to call Tech Support. There are few things I like less than calling Tech Support. I am bracing for a phone call of at least 30 minutes’ duration, as the Tech Support representative reads from a script and requires me to read everything that appears on my screen. I know that there are worse things, but I hate tedious lengthy phone conversations more than almost anything in life, so I’m using blogging as an avoidance technique. Of course, I could just call and then have something a little more interesting to write about, couldn’t I? I’m all written out today. Writing about avoiding making a phone call is all I can manage.

OK, here’s another thing. I did finally get my final grade, and it is the first letter in the alphabet. I still haven’t decided on this yet (thanks for all of the advice) but if I choose the Algorithms class, I’ll be risking my 4.0. But like the phone call, it’s now or later; both things, while unpleasant, are required. I have 2 more weeks or so before I need to decide on the class. I need to make the phone call today. So stop reading this. Seriously, I have to go. I have to make this silly phone call. Later (to all of you, that is. Not to the phone call, which I need to make now).

Does it make any sense to make login and password requirements to ridiculously complex that one is actually required to write everything down, thus compromising alleged security? Why two (separate and distinct) logins when one would suffice? Why two (separate and distinct) passwords when AGAIN, one will suffice? I am capable of remembering more than one login and password, but the formatting requirements for both are so arcane and (again) ridiculously complex that I can’t choose a password that would make any sense to me or that would lend itself to any sort of mnemonic trick. Of course, if I take the class on Algorithms, maybe some of this would make some damn sense. I don’t really think that, I’m just trying to make this lame post cohesive. It’s not working, is it?


enc said...

Off you go. I'm going to stop reading until you make the call.

tick tock.

Sauntering Soul said...

Hang in there. And make that call!

Matty Boy said...

A word of advice/warning: An algorithms class might include programming, and programming can be more like a writing assignment in an English class than homework in a math class. The reason is that programming means you have to get the compiler to agree to what you are trying to do, and a compiler is like the nastiest editor you have ever had to deal with. Or to go with the theme of today's post, the snottiest tech support person you have ever met.

FranIAm said...

If you really loved America, you would give all of our passwords to Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

To quote our favorite president "There you go again.....using that word.....algorithms."

pistols at dawn said...

As a fan of modern literature, I prefer it when posts don't tie together. Mine usually don't because I start them with one thought that gets interrupted by seven others, most of which involve topless women.

Oh, who am I kidding? They all involve topless women.

jolie said...

I guess you could choose two words, make one the ID the other the password in the first entry, then swap them for the second entry.

CDP said...

enc--OK, OK, I called.

SS--done. Not happily, but done.

Matty--I suspected as much. I think I have decided to do the history class, but I haven't definitely decided. After all, the other one is also required, so if I don't do it now, I'll have to do it eventually. Hmmm.

Fran--I love America so much that I'm starting a fund to build a wall around Wyoming, so that once he's back, he can't get back out. Top that, you fifth columnist.

dcup--I know some presidents who'd have a hard time pronouncing it.

Pistols--I'm flattered that you still read my blog, as I rarely if ever post about topless women.

Jolie--that would make sense, wouldn't it? But you can't do that!

dguzman said...

Cohesive? Who cares? You've got a 4.0! Go with the history class. Wintertime is made for lots of reading.

Falwless said...

I'm tellin' ya, take the algorithms.

(Remember, this comment can be deleted at any time by comment author. Good day.)

CDP said...

Dguzman--exactly! To hell with good writing unless someone's either paying me or conferring a grade!

Falwless--once again, a screenshot has been taken and added to the (now rather extensive) file I'm maintaining on you. Good day to you, too, madam.

WendyB said...

I keep thinking there must be a better solution to security than the user name/password mess.

CDP said...

WendyB--this is one of the many "we can put a man on the moon, so why can't we...?" questions that plagues me.

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