Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holding Pattern

Everyone in my house is waiting for something this week.

A very impatient four year old and his only marginally more patient older brother are waiting for Christmas.

My husband is waiting for me to stop obsessively worrying about grades and unemployment. Sure, that’ll happen. Really, it will; only by then, I will have moved on to brand-new reasons to hyperventilate. Don’t feel sorry for him; he knew what he was getting into when he married me. (Sucker).

I’m waiting for a grade on my final exam (I got my grade for my second research paper…98! With a very kind note praising my work, but gently suggesting that I might want to stop abusing semi-colons and start breaking some of my longer sentences into two separate sentences. Bah.) More importantly, I’m waiting for the commencement of my membership in the leisure class. Counting today, I have three more days as a member of the workforce.

So, there’s not much else happening right now, just waiting. I’m alternating between total giddy glee and utter heart attack panic…uncertainty is NOT MY FORTE. (Just needed to emphasize that.) I like to know what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, and when, and right now, I have no idea what’s going to happen in 2009, except that I’ll probably be rambling on about it to my very patient readers. (Are you waiting for a post that doesn’t totally suck? It might be a while.)


Matty Boy said...

I was seriously addicted to semicolons, but I cut down when I found out how much Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. hated them. If as good a writer as he was could do without them, I could at least try to cut down.

Your mileage may vary.

Vegetable Assassin said...

I hate waiting. I have no patience. Waiting is for people who have ALL DAY! :) You keep on with the impatience, missy!

I rarely use semicolons. I like colons though. You know where you are with a colon.

Or a pancreas.

Sauntering Soul said...

I don't like waiting either.

And way to go getting a 98 on your paper!

3carnations said...

Abusing semicolons? That's scandalous.

themom said...

Yeah, I like plans and roadmaps. In a perfect world this would be great. Considering what a mess this world is in - I guess none us can afford that luxury. We will have to be like AA members, one day at a time. :)

CDP said...

Matty Boy--now you have me reconsidering the semicolon. But I love it so.

VA--I don't trust spleens, though.


3carn--there is no end to the depravity, is there?

themom--I know, and that is what I would advise OTHER people to do,'s just not in my nature.

pistols at dawn said...

I had to switch industries because I suddenly disliked not being able to plan which state I was going to be living in in three months.

It's true: the lemonade stand game was too much for me, and it was high time I settled down.

But once you've had a taste of the high-paced world of selling lemonade from concentrate, well, you never really get out.

In that vein, I suggest you become a contract killer, because every movie about them involves "one last job" - viola!, job security.

enc said...

I've got news for you: This post doesn't suck. None of yours do.

The waiting game can turn your hair gray, so watch out. And get some Preference!

WM said...

The "leisure class".

Watch just when you start to enjoy being part of the leisure class, the workforce will come knocking at your door.

CDP said...

Pistols--I knew you moved in the highest circles, but concentrated lemonade? My gosh, I had NO IDEA you were that big.

enc--you're so nice. And I will guard against the gray!

WM--I know, just when I start to really enjoy a lady-who-lunches lifestyle, I'll end up with a damn job.

susan said...

In the days just prior to computers my husband and I came up with a business plan called 'lettus help' that we advertised in Rolling Stone. The idea was that we'd send letters from people who didn't feel like writing to other people who expected to get them. All we needed was a little info and we'd make the rest up. We got a po box and about a hundred people responded but we bagged the idea. With you writing skills you might want to consider something similar. Or maybe not. You'll do okay :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the cookies to arrive from your last post.

Anonymous said...

I'm only patient when it's not me waiting. But now I'm waiting to hear how your grades are and if you left a poo-bomb on that semi-colon hating professor's front porch.

Okay - see now I'M waiting. Great. Now I'm not at all patient. Do I need to get out my worry stone?

dguzman said...

My thesis advisor once begged me to knock off my obsession with the dash. Reading even just one of my blog entries will show you how effective she was.

CDP said...

Susan--thanks! I am thinking of some ways to earn money by writing; I'll see how that goes.

Suze--The Postal Service is SO unreliable at this time of year. Keep looking!

Dcup--I have a worry stone, too. It's called my entire psyche.

Dguzman--a dash is also a very useful punctuation mark!

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