Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Days are Just Packed

I thought I had some post ideas, but having failed to write them down, I've forgotten them. It's probably for the best; I bet they were ideas that were really funny at 1:30 in the morning after a few drinks with my sisters, but they might not have survived the cold light of day.

So ordinarily, I'd be getting ready to go back to work after Christmas vacation, but instead, I'm just planning for my first week of enforced leisure by making formidably long to-do lists. My children are in the bathtub, and I hear tsunami-like splashing. My husband must be soaked. I always feel sorry for children who are returning to school after Christmas vacation. The first day of school in September isn't so bad. It's a new grade, new teacher, some new friends and some old ones you haven't seen all summer. You'll miss summer in pretty short order, but the first few days of school are fun. Not so the first day after Christmas. That's just bleak. I've been gently reminding 7yo of the impending end of Christmas vacation since Friday, and I think he's accepted his fate, however reluctantly. He had a mighty fine holiday, filled with presents and friends and more presents and movies and staying up late every night, and food and drink that he normally doesn't even get to taste. My sister pointed him out to me at my mother's house on New Year's Day. My brother had handed him a Coke, and he was clutching it to his chest like he'd been in the desert for days. He'd take a sip, and his eyes would dart furtively around the room, watchful and amazed all at once. He really couldn't believe that no one was snatching the can out of his hands, and he was smart enough to stay quiet, keep the whole thing on the down low. I let him finish it, and I'm pretty sure that he thinks that I'm none the wiser. Maybe he's right; who knows what else he managed to consume at that party. But now, the return to the mundane.

4yo and I have a busy day planned tomorrow. We're going to pick out some paint and spend a gift card at the bookstore. Then I'm going to fight with our dental insurers, who have sent me notices blithely informing me that my children's last two checkups are not covered. We'll just see about that. There are many worse things than being unemployed; one in particular that I can think of is being a customer service representative with an insurance company who has to deal with me when I'm on one of my frequent crusades against The Man. Righteous indignation combined with ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD...I might have some blog ideas after all. Do stay tuned.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Go get those bastard insurers tiger. But please make some time to email me your address, I saw something the other day and it just screamed your name so I bougt it, it was olny a dollar, and now I want to send it to you. Thanks.

CDP said...

Dr. M--how nice! I will email you shortly, and thank you!

enc said...

I can't wait to hear how you unleash your wrath upon the cowering minions at the insurance company.

dguzman said...

Fight the good fight, CDP!

Stephanie said...

Grrrrrr... As you know, I have NOTHING nice to say about insurance these days. Not! One! Thing!

Also, I tagged you on another lame, er, I mean, FUN meme. You're welcome!

susan said...

That's the spirit! Go for it but good luck with the insurance company's multiple message systems. One of my work duties is obtaining ins auths for people needing surgery and in the last ten years they've come up with automated telephone trickery that's hard to believe. By the time you get a human being on the line you'll be so grateful you might forget why you called.

Sauntering Soul said...

I remember one of the most exciting things about going to visit my grandparents for a week every summer is that my brothers and I were permitted to drink all of the Coke we could possibly stand. And my grandmother loved Whoppers so we ate our weight in malted milk balls all week too. I know just how your son feels. It was almost too good to be true and you kept waiting for reality to snap back into place and someone to snatch the drink from your little Coke loving hands.

Happy New Year! Enjoy your days of not working. I can't wait to see what you and 4 year old paint! You are going to share it with us, right?

CDP said...

enc and dguzman--strangely, I didn't have time! How does a person without a job not have time?

Stephanie--OK, I'll do it! I don't mind being tagged.

Susan--that's exactly what I'm anticipating!

SS--well, it's bathroom paint...not as interesting as what you do!

pistols at dawn said...

You can live blog sitting on your ass - I've done it before. Well, I was sitting on my ass, because otherwise, that'd be weird, but the point's still valid.

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