Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ever a dull moment

It's been an interesting week. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning at my mother-in-law's house, helping her straighten out some medical billing issues. The medical insurance cartel has created a bureaucracy that would have been the envy of government clerks all over East Germany. The word "Byzantine" comes to mind, although that scarcely does it justice. Since every single person I spoke to gave me different and usually conflicting information, it's a good thing that I took notes. What I should have done is to inform the representatives that their calls would be recorded for quality control. Anyway, I straightened out three of six bills and had three others resubmitted and will wait for the results.

My mother-in-law and I usually communicate pretty well, as long as we're face to face. We've both learned that phone conversations between us are hopeless. When she calls, I say hello and I hand the phone over to my husband. When we're together, the combination of her limited English, my even more limited Korean, and gestures and facial expressions allow us to understand each other, except in the case of technical or administrative matters. For example, I cannot say "coordination of benefits" or "80% of usual, customary and reasonable" in Korean, and she can't say "but wait, they told me I already fulfilled my deductible for the year!" in English. Fortunately, she trusts me. I had to complete some Social Security and Medicare paperwork for her, and she signed everything without so much as a quizzical look.

We're going to a wedding this afternoon. I'm hoping that it's one of those "I dreaded this but I had so much fun!" events. "Dread" is probably too strong a word, actually. It's just that I have never met either the bride or the groom. My husband knows the groom, but doesn't think he'll really know many, if any, of the other guests. Parties where I know not one person are not high on my fun things to do list, so I'm really low on enthusiasm. On the upside, it's a nice day, and I like the dress I'm wearing.

This was a really boring post, but it's all I have today. The class I'm taking is turning out to be as easy as I'd hoped, so I can't even complain about school. I must go and get dressed now. More (and I hope, more interesting) later.


Steve said...

hope you enjoyed the evening
was not to have total rain today wasn't it?

Steve said...

insert *nice* between was and not

CDP said...

Yes, I was starting to feel like moss was going to grow on my walls.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You're never boring my dear.

3carnations said...

Older younger sister doesn't work for you? :)

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