Monday, June 1, 2009

This is not a prospectus.

First things first. Everyone should go right away and read my adorable sister's cryptically-titled blog, here. Her name really is Caitlin, and she's MUCH younger than I am. Go ahead, click away. I'll wait.

Welcome back. We're just back from an overnight stay at my older sister's* house. She had a First Communion party for her son, which is why Caitlin spent Saturday neck deep in cupcake batter. It was time well spent. The party was fun, and Saturday's wedding was not bad, either. (7yo on the wedding: "Wedding? Aren't you guys already married?" Assured that we are married, he asked "So just go and watch people get married?") I just finished unpacking.

I read once that before you get married, you should know how your intended would handle a traffic jam, or tangled Christmas lights, or a similarly infuriating situation, before you proceed with the marriage. To that very good advice, I'd add that you should also make sure that your betrothed shares your philosophy on unpacking after a trip, and cleaning up after a party. Ideally, you should both be either "Hey. Let's just go to bed and get all of this cleaned up in the morning" people OR (and preferably) you should both be "Hey. Let's just clean this all up now so it's not waiting for us in the morning" people. One of each of those types of people in a marriage, and conflict will be the inevitable result. My husband and I are both the latter type.

Right now, my sister-in-law is sitting in the kitchen with her brand-new computer. Which she brought to me, so that I could help her configure it and set up her wireless access. Thus, the tradition of the blind being led by the blind continues in our family. After this, I guess I'll be asked to tune up someone's car, or to provide investment advice. I will always suggest that you buy low, and sell high.

*I'm actually 16 months older than my "older sister", but I call her my older sister to distinguish her from Caitlin, my much-younger sister. Also, it pisses her off. Since she wouldn't read my blog to save her soul from Hell, though, she won't know the difference.


Steve said...

I'm thinking of investing in gold coins because G. Gordon Liddy said it was a great deal.
Your thought?

Stopped by your sisters place as well. Watch out innertubes with both of ya's out here!

caitlin.maia said...

maybe you could start referring to us as your younger sister and your awesome sister.
i would be the awesome sister. in case that wasn't clear.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Your 7 yr old is very perceptive.

CDP said...

Steve--Glenn Beck apparently also recommends gold, so how can one go wrong?

Caitlin--I could, couldn't I? I'll consider it.

Dr. M--I know...the horror at the boredom of adulthood was so apparent on his face when he asked me that.

dguzman said...

Adulthood IS boring. Being a 7-yr-old genius ROCKS.

I'll have to talk to Anneliese about that whole 'clean up the mess' approach thing. I think we're both the "let's just leave it until it cleans itself up!" type, though.

Cid said...

Love the married comment! LOL

Embee said...

You forgot the third category of unpackers: we're too damned lazy to unpack at all so we'll just live out of the suitcase until all the clothes have been worn and are now in the laundry and then put away the suitcase. That's us. And thankfully we're both of that persuasion, because I do agree that two people in one marriage of different persuasions would be difficult.

3carnations said...

I just realized I put a comment to this on the wrong post.

Older younger sister doesn't work for you? :-)

CDP said...

Dguzman--I love the name "Anneliese". And if you're both "Let's leave it" types, am I going to end up seeing you on one of those reality shows where experts have to come in to clean up years of accumulated squalor? I love those shows.


Embee--well, at least they're clean! And at least you both's so important, isn't it?

3carn--that is a very good idea!

Suze said...

That's the reason there are brothers and sisters. You need to practice your meanness on someone before you're let loose on the public. Just ask my "older" sister :)

Lisa said...

Thank goodness MathMan and I match on our need to unpack or clean up after a party. Otherwise, I'm certain that all of our other marital issues would have held much more sway.

I am not kidding about this. It's really the small stuff.

Dr. Zaius said...

how is a raven like a writing desk?
they both close with a flap. ;o)

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