Friday, July 31, 2009


I am shocked by the drop-off in my blogging production lately. I've posted only five times this month, and that figure includes this post. I have been lacking for inspiration lately, and I think that's because I haven't been around to receive it when it does appear. I think I need to write everyday, whether or not I have anything to say. So here's my new project: I'm going to post everyday. I don't expect much to come of this; I think that I just need discipline.

It occurred to me a few days ago that I posted about having had an exchange of emails with an editor at a well-known publication, and I never posted about what eventually happened. She was considering an essay I'd written and when I last posted, I had just sent her a revision which encompassed some suggestions she'd made. Ultimately, she decided that the essay wasn't right for the magazine. You know, I didn't even feel bad about it. I don't think she got what I was trying to do, and I'm pretty sure that I didn't get what she's trying to do, either. If you read The Washington Post, you might know that the Sunday Post Magazine has a column called "The XX Files". It's a page devoted to essays and personal stories written by women. I submitted several things. One of them was "The Mermaids", which appeared about a year ago, here. This one was rejected immediately, because "XX Files" is not meant to be "about children". I think this is why I decided not to care if she liked my writing or not. Not because I think that this post was so wonderful, but because first of all, how silly to create a feature focused on personal writing by women and then to exclude any piece "about children" and because secondly, this post was really not "about children" at all. Rather, it was about the reaction of an adult watching children.. These are two different things.

Right now, for example, I'm reacting to two little boys who are practicing "burp talking". "Hear this, Mom", they say, and then launch into a burped commentary. I'm pretty sure that I won't write an essay about this; nor will I do anything else that might encourage them to continue. Who knows, though? If I'm really going to post everyday, I might be reduced to writing about all sorts of things that no one wants to read about. I'll trust you to let me know if I need to resume a more sporadic blogging schedule. Meanwhile, tune in tomorrow.


Embee said...

I can totally relate to not being able to think of something to blog about every day. I want to be a disciplined writer, but I also don't want to bore my readers to death. I suppose that's where the creativity comes in. *sigh*

I'll be tuning in to see how creative and disciplined you are....

susan said...

When I clicked on 'the Mermaids' story I remembered reading it last year and how neat a story it was. It still is. That editor didn't deserve to have you.

FranIAm said...

I loved Mermaids. I like your attitude about it all.

You will be published widely. Somehow I just know this.

Freida Bee, MD said...

Sometimes it is women who should examine their own sexism. (I bet referring to husbands is fine though, right?)

Matty Boy said...

Anyone who rejected The Mermaids for publication can be ignored, and perhaps openly reviled. It's totally about women, including young women, and of course the even younger boys who are captivated by them.

We can't help it. I guess it's a guy thing.

As for writing everyday: I'm glad to hear it. I do it, and since you are a regular reader of my blog, I think it must be obvious that I sometimes use only merest whiff of inspiration.

And to what Fran said about you being published widely.


elissa said...

but...I wanted an essay on burp talking!

when I was a kid, my friend Chelsea and I went to my grandma's house for a week. She had a tether ball, and we didn't really know what the actual rules were, but we loved to play. One day, we decided that you had to burp *ever* time you hit the ball or else you lost. :)

CDP said...

Embee--I'm afraid that I can be either creative or disciplined, but possibly not both. We shall see.

Susan--thank you!

Fran--Hi! That is so nice. And it would be nice, but I'll be fine if it doesn't happen. Meanwhile, I'll just write about whatever comes to mind, even if that's not much.

Dr. Bee--I agree. I suspect that this woman is young, and tired of hearing about children, but they're part of life and they're a substantial part of women's lives. You can't dedicate a page to women's personal writing and then exclude writing about children.

Matty--thank you, sir.

Elissa--ha! I like to watch little kids playing "Marco Polo" at the pool for the same reason---they really have no idea how to play, they just bob up and down yelling "Marco! Polo!"

Lisa said...

What Freida said. EXACTLY.

Except,I just burped it.

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