Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thunderous Applause, Movie Reviews, and Academic Excellence; It's ALL IN HERE

It's Saturday night, so I'm sitting on my couch considering getting ready to prepare to begin finishing the paper I have due tomorrow. I don't really have anything to blog about but I feel that I need to post something occasionally. Since any writing I may be capable of right now should be dedicated solely to 4.0 maintenance, I'll do a bullet point post, and will consider elaborating on the bullets in later posts.

  • At dinner tonight, my 4 year old held up a slightly burnt piece of pepper. "WHAT is THIS?" he demanded, horrified. "It's a little burnt piece", I said. "Just put it on the side of your plate". "A BIRD PIECE?!?!?!?!?!" shrieked both of my children in unison. "No", I said. "A BURNED piece". "OH!" they both sighed, relieved. Note that the peppers were part of a stir fry which also included chicken. Eventually, it will occur to them....
  • 4 yo swam for the first time in the next-to-last meet of the season. He swam 25 meters, backstroke, in three minutes and seven seconds, popping up to turn around and see how far he had to go at least five times. He touched the wall to thunderous applause. There's much more to it, and I'll tell you all about it in an upcoming post.
  • We're about to watch "The Lookout". (Perhaps I should either write papers or watch movies, but not both, at least simultaneously. But the paper's nearly done). I watched "Rachel Getting Married" last week. What to say about that movie? Anne Hathaway? Very good, I can watch her in anything. But the wedding preparation scenes made me yearn with all my heart for a David's Bridal outfitted-wedding, with a choice of chicken or prime rib at a catering hall decorated with crepe-paper bells and a DJ playing "The Cupid Shuffle" and "The Electric Slide". Waaaaay too much quirky picturesque bohemian hipness; it wore me right the hell out. "The Lookout" appears promising; I'll write a similarly-brief review, but this will require that I stop blogging and watch the movie.

    Until later...


Matty Boy said...

I liked Rachel Getting Married more than some of my blog buddies did. I have a post about it bouncing around in my head someplace. I'll turn it into a focused stream of electrons soon.

Distributorcap said...

bullet points 8-)
next time, a powerpoint please


CDP said...

Matty--I actually did like it; I just thought that there was too much artsy quirkiness. The dishwasher scene made me feel that this was taken too far; the dishes were all adorably mismatched. The acting was great though.

Dcap--very good suggestion.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thanks for the comment. I will try and keep my blog up a little bit more often.

Hope you are having a joyful summer.

3carnations said...

So there really was a bird piece? :-) At Thanksgiving, we had discussions about turkey. We came to the conclusion, and it seemed to satisfy our son, that some turkeys decide to be "eating turkeys" and some decide to be "walking around turkeys". By this Thanksgiving, he may question why on earth any of them choose to be eating turkeys.

That is wonderful with the swimming! Wow!

elissa said...

laughed out loud at the bird piece. that is all. oh, wait. also, all my dishes are adorably mismatched.

Steve said...

must have the mind of a 4YO cause I would have said the same thing!

Brett said...

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BeckEye said...

That reminds me. I need to write down somewhere that if I ever get married (a very big IF), the Electric Slide is NOT to be played.

dguzman said...

All my plates are adorably matched.

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