Sunday, August 2, 2009


A new post barely 6 hours after the last post! Our party just ended, and pursuant to the policy set forth here, wherein we clean up immediately, I have some work to do. Right now, though, I'm going to eat some potato chips, finish a beer, and write Sunday's post. We had a fine time, as we always do. This party was a potluck, so everyone was asked to bring a dish and we had a surfeit of food. Desserts were especially plentiful, which was both delightful and disappointing, since I bought s'mores ingredients just in case desserts were in short supply. We'll have s'mores another day.

Our neighbor and friend just carried our sleeping 4yo home from his house, where his daughter had been babysitting for our two boys. Placed in his bed, 4yo woke up immediately and was momentarily startled, then reassured by the familiar face of Mr. R. Still, he wasn't going back to sleep until he saw me, so I just put him into his pajamas and put him into our bed for the time being. 4yo loves nothing more than to sleep in our bed. We'll move him into his own bed when we're finished cleaning up, but in the meantime, 4yo has a king bed and a pile of pillows all to his tiny self. 8yo is enjoying himself, too. Cheerful and wide awake, he's delighted that we're allowing him to stay up and snack on potato chips and ginger ale while we clean up party debris. And now I have to sign off, as my husband is making sotto voce comments about how some people are working and others are doing whatever they do online. I'd hoped he wouldn't notice. Good night.


Matty Boy said...

Very nice bookend pieces. And a party happened in between them.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Dang, I could have made something and brought it over had I known earlier you were gettin' your party on.

themom said...

It's always rewarding to see the kids in a somnambulist state. The 8yo - and a smile from ear to ear when "staying up late" - is all so satisfying. You can then head to bed and say "well done."

Lisa said...

At least K. delivered his snark in sotto voce. Was it accompanied by the slamming of cabinet doors or drawers?

I'm glad the party went well. I've missed you, but certainly understand how it goes. I'm liking life a lot more now that I'm taking my time with posts.

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