Sunday, September 13, 2009


I used to feel a certain condescending contemptuous disdain for women who manipulate their way into getting what they want.  Now, I sometimes wish I could take their correspondence course.

Of course, I'd need to really improve my Korean first.


Matty Boy said...

Family troubles?

Lisa said...

I wish I were better at that, too. Thankfully, I just need the skills, not the language lessons, too.

enc said...

I'm no manipulator. Sometimes I wish I was.

CDP said...

Matty--yes, it will blow over, as it always does, but yesterday was a bad day.

Lisa--Of course, some skills transcend language, and even without being able to comprehend all the words, I still know when I'm seeing a master at work.

enc--sometimes, I wish I was too.

Sauntering Soul said...

Sorry you had a rough day yesterday. Hopefully things are better now. Hugs!

Steve said...

yikes! hope it blows over quickly

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