Saturday, September 19, 2009

Now Listen, You People

I'm trying to decide between two possible jobs.  One is at a nonprofit, very close to home, and my responsibilities would be broader and more general than I'm accustomed to.  While the idea of working for a nonprofit appeals to me, I think I might prefer to remain in my specific area of expertise.  And while the interview went very well, I left feeling only fairly sure that the people liked me, as opposed to the people at the earlier interview--I'm SURE that they liked me.  That job is very similar to the work I used to do.  The commute is not great, although the hours are flexible. 

But wait just a minute.  Let me turn around and toss the horse a few carrots; I'm riding in the cart right in front of him.  I haven't actually been offered either of these jobs.  I'm optimistic, but I'm not counting chickens just yet. 

Whence the barnyard metaphors?  Am I Ross Perot all of a sudden? 

That was a transition, of sorts.  I'm having trouble writing so I'm not going to worry about how badly this post is going to be written.  You've been warned.  I have all sorts of ideas but no clear focus. Although I have plenty of thoughts and observations, I seem to default to turning inward when it's actually time to write something.  The problem with that is that I just don't think I'm fearless enough to really write honestly about myself.  So I might have to start thinking about things.  Distilling, clarifying, finding a point, and sticking to it.   Just today, I was thinking about what I could POSSIBLY add to the discussion about the current political climate.  This is somewhat loosely related to my periodic bouts of 90s nostalgia (I'm watching "The First Wives Club" right now), which is still more loosely connected to my ongoing internal dialogue about beauty and appearance and aging.  And Stalin, and Putin, and gulags, oh my.

That's the inside of my brain, right now, 9:33 pm EDT Saturday, September 18, 2009.  It's a nice place to visit, but you don't want to live here.


Fran said...

I might want to live there, who knows?

Will I see those tiles from San Simeon that I still covet? If so, call the moving van, I'm heading in for a landing.

Good luck with the job stuff. It may be a good time to explore a new (dis)comfort zone.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Good luck on both jobs, I hope you get offered both and that you take the one you like best.

PENolan said...

Ideas? Observations? Insight but no focus?
Sounds like my brain.
When ever you want to discuss the pros and cons of nonprofit, let me know. I've been up to my ass in non-profit nonsense for years (and wouldn't work anywhere else).

Love and Light

Steve said...

i may be naive (well I am naive) but the job will find you that is right I'm pretty sure.

and ive been typing on the inner tubes for a year or so and my thoughts are never collected lol

hope you have a goood week ahead

3carnations said...

I hope you have the "problem" of having to choose between the two jobs. :-)

Personally, I'm all about a short commute. I currently live one mile from my job.

dguzman said...

You may be having trouble writing, but you nailed my mental situation as well -- plenty of thoughts about the current state of affairs, but nothing cogent enough to put in writing.

GOOD LUCK ON THE JOBS! and hey--taking on challenge might just be the kickstart you need to get those thoughts clarified. You never know.

But then, I'm hardly the best person for job advice!

Ricky Shambles said...

I'm sure you'll do well in either. Best of luck!

enc said...

What's really cool is that you went on two interviews. That alone warrants celebration. I bet that the right job is the one that will be offered to you, thereby eliminating any possible conundrums.

susan said...

I'm just glad I don't have to go for any retirement interviews as I probably wouldn't qualify. I'm sure you'll get the job that's the best fit.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness you crack me up! I'm wondering what's going on? Have you heard about either job?

caitlin.maia said...

i think i was watching The First Wives Club at the same time you were. :)

Anonymous said...

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