Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of course, I always buy my coffeemakers at Kmart

My coffeemaker broke this morning.  It was devastating.  I got up, as usual, pushed the start button (I'd loaded the coffeemaker the previous night), took a shower, and came out to a cold, dry coffeemaker. Devastating.  I had to drink fancy coffee from the Keurig. 

My husband bought one of those one-cup-at-a-time Keurig machines a few months ago.  He loves it, and I don't object to it, as it's one of the very few purchases he's made for himself.  But I don't like fancy Keurig coffee.  I like grocery store coffee in a can (Chock Full 'o Nuts is my favorite, and not just because of the name) prepared in a Mr. Coffee.  As far as I'm concerned, the 90s/Seattle/Starbucks/fair trade coffee revolution never took place.  In my coffee mug, it's 1979.  Still, the Keurig is useful for when we have guests.  I know that practically no one shares my taste in coffee, so it's nice to be able to offer "real" (bah) coffee when company comes.  I, however, will happily remain in my coffee time warp. 

Unwilling to endure for another day without my Mr. Coffee, I made a rare visit to our local Kmart.  I normally do not like Kmart, my local Kmart in particular.  It is disorganized, badly lit, filled with surly and unhelpful employees and just plain ugly.  My other alternatives were Macy's (no) or Target.  I do like Target, but it's not close to me, and for some reason, I have never had a Target run take less than three hours.  I just couldn't stand the idea of a three-hour shopping expedition when all I wanted was a coffeemaker, so I went to Kmart, just a mile away and sure to at least have a Mr. Coffee.  And they did.  You didn't see that coming, did you? 

Not only did they have the Mr. Coffee, but it was on sale.  I'd been feeling pretty miserable, and that cheered me up a bit, because I'm just that easy.  The lack of coffee was not the cause of the misery, although it didn't help matters any.  No, I was missing the boys.  8yo started third grade yesterday, and 4yo went back to school today.  He missed the kindergarten age cut-off, so he'll be back at preschool for three days a week.   Yesterday wasn't so bad, since I still had one with me (and he's the more talkative of the two) but the house felt terribly empty and lonesome after I dropped them both off this morning.  The only cure was to get back out of the house for a bit, even if only to buy a coffeemaker at Kmart.
I took my coffeemaker to the register, and the cashier SMILED and said how are you?  I asked her if she had ice packs for lunch boxes, as I'd forgotten to look for them, and she said "sporting goods".  When I said "a-ha!", she smiled again, and said "you wouldn't have looked there, would you?"  "No, I wouldn't", I said, "but it makes perfect sense."  There they were, just where she said they'd be.  For some reason, this little conversation turned my entire mood around.  Temporarily, of course, but still.   When you're expecting surliness at best and outright hostility at worst, simple friendly kindness makes all the difference.   I went home and had some coffee. 


Matty Boy said...

About twenty years ago, a dear friend introduced me to the phrase "Sometimes, we are stunned by competence."

It's still true a generation later.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Hi Rainman! I love the cherry blossoms.

Also love the photo of Joe enjoying a cup of Joe.

I'm somewhere in the middle coffeewise. I think that Starbucks and the like are roasted too long and those coffees taste burnt to me. I'm a mild roast gal and these days I'm all about Dunkin' Donuts coffees and when the budget gets tight I'm Eight O'Clock Bean all the way.


BTW - I'm so brazen this week - logging in from my soon to be vacated office at Large Corp.! Scandalous.

3carnations said...

At first glance, I thought the man with the coffee maker was Mr. Rogers.

My hubby would like to drink ridiculous amounts of coffee, but we have a 4 cup coffee maker, so he is forced to do so slowly.

BeckEye said...

I'm so glad I don't drink coffee.

WendyB said...

I don't like coffee, but I appreciate helpful store employees!

Steve said...

i did not expect that!

but being a son as much as i loved the coffee story i really loved how you missed your boys!

Minka said...

Coffee is one thing I will probablya never understand about Americans, but hey, taste is not to be discussed. But THAT is definitely not my cup of coffee (http://stirringmythoughts.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-cup-of-coffee.html)

Nice blog you have here! :)

dguzman said...

I drink coffee in spurts -- sometimes it's every day, sometimes it's just on weekends. But when I do, I like the fancy shade-grown/fair-trade stuff, one hugely heaping teaspoon per cup.

In a Mr. Coffee. Accept no substitutes.

enc said...

I love when things go all serendipitous like that. Yay for you!

(My coffeemaker died last month. We could hold a vigil.)

Ricky Shambles said...

My coffee maker is on its last leg after about 5 years. For a while we were grinding our own (very fine for that morning punch in the mouth), but as budgets decline, we've settled either on Dunkin or ...I think we're actually drinking Folgers.

I'm glad Kmart worked out. So often, it doesn't.

Fran said...

KMart? Who knew? I actually go to our local one for many of the same reasons, but so infrequently.

I just read this blog post to my husband, a man for whom canned coffee and 1979 go hand in hand. If you lived closer, I'd be nervous now.

Once I asked him if we should buy a Keurig; so much of our coffee is made a cup at a time.

That was 2 years ago. He still hasn't answered me, but I guess that snarl on his face said it all.

Love the flowers by the way- nice!

Suze said...

Wow, they actually spoke to you at your Kmart? If I can actually find a cashier, they don't even look in my general direction let alone speak.

Fergie said...

What a lovely tale of coffee, parental love, and the unexpected pleasures of being the recipient of "random acts of kindness" at the hands of the K=mart staff.


you have, btw, just made my day!

CDP said...

Matty--and your story today about the iTunes guy was great, too. Who would have expected that someone would have cared enough to respond on a Saturday?

Lady--Thanks, I took that picture!

3carn--Yes, those 4 cup coffeemakers are tiny!

Beckeye--I didn't drink coffee in the morning til I had children. Now, I can't wake up completely without it.

Wendy--me too, and in a place like Kmart where you go expecting to have to do battle, it's a nice surprise to be treated courteously.

Steve--Yes, and I'm sure your mom missed you the same way when you were in school.

Minka--thank you!

Dguzman--No, I didn't even consider another type of coffeemaker. I had the one that broke for 8 years, so I didn't feel bad about buying another one.

enc--I assume you've replaced it; I couldn't live without a coffeemaker for a whole month!

RS--Folgers is OK, but I like CFON best of all the grocery store brands.

Fran--that cracks me up. I'm glad someone other than me drinks proletarian coffee.

Suze--I know, it's so amazing when someone in that store is nice that it's actually worth writing a whole blog post about it.

Fergie--thank you!

Minka said...

You're welcome - twice! :)

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