Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Street legal

Today is my birthday!  I'm in possession of one additional year of age and a new driver's license.  Birthday expiration is the state of Maryland's way of saying "happy frickin' birthday", and I planned my MVA trip very carefully, dropping the boys off at school and arriving at 8:50 on Friday morning, to be first in line (or so I thought).  Unbeknownst to me, the state budget crisis had led to a decision to close MVA on Friday.  My last day to renew was yesterday, since I didn't want to visit MVA on my birthday, and I had a dentist appointment in the morning, which I could not reschedule because my dentist's office is closed on Fridays (all Fridays, not just this one).   Since I couldn't arrive right at opening, I decided that I'd go there right after my appointment, and if it was terribly crowded, I'd come back on my birthday anyway, because I could at least arrive right at opening. 

When I arrived, the line of people streteched out the door.  On the other hand, my hair looked good.  What were the chances of duplicating that on a second consecutive day?  I sat down, opened up my library book, and two and a half hours later, my good hair day was photographed for a license that I don't have to renew for five more years.  By then, I'll be close enough to fifty that I won't necessarily be announcing my birthday on the Internet.  Now?  I'll just tell you that I'm quite old enough, thank you.


Sauntering Soul said...


Go do something fun now that you have that whole license nightmare out of the way.

Anonymous said...

My license expired on my birthday last year. I went down to the DMV to renew it, hoping fervently they'd let me take a new photo as the old one made me look like a white haired witch with retardation, which was odd as I had red hair and am currently not retarded (much). Only when I got there I had one point of ID fewer than necessary to retake the picture. WTF? I had enough to RENEW THE LICENSE but not enough to have a new picture done, so I still look like a retarded, white haired witch and am too lazy to go back there and do it again.

BeckEye said...

Oooh, aren't you special with a birthday on 09/09/09! And my, didn't you celebrate it in a special way! :)

caitlin.maia said...

oh i left you a happy birthday comment before i realized you had an official birthday


Steve said...

happy birthday!
i am avoiding the MVA and doing it by mail this year

enc said...

Happy Birthday, girlie!

christina said...

Happy Birthday, Friend!

I had to get my license renewed on my birthday, too. In and out in 3 minutes. But I'm guessing my hair looked like crap. (I haven't seen the results yet).

Heather T said...

Happy (one day late) Birthday!

My god, how I don't miss the MVA in Maryland! I don't think I ever got out of there in less than an hour for anything. And I can't remember anyone, employees or state residents, looking happy to be there.

Matty Boy said...

Many happy returns! Here is California, you can now make appointments at the DMV, and that system works pretty well.

3carnations said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

CDP said...


VA--I was super-pregnant in my last license picture, so my face looked like a pumpkin...I was glad to get rid of that picture.

BeckEye--why, yes I am, and yes, I did.

Caitlin--yes, you found me in all of my Internet hiding places!

Steve--I hate eye exams SO MUCH MORE than I hate MVA, so renewing by mail was never seriously considered.


Christina--my 8 year old said that my picture makes me look like a criminal...because I'm not smiling, as directed by the MVA man.

Heather--thanks! It's worse now; it only took me an hour last time, but the extra day closed combined with the Labor Day holiday made Tuesday a very bad MVA day indeed.

Matty--Appointments! What an idea! And thanks for the bday wishes!

3Carn--thank you!

Suze--thanks! Yours is coming, too, isn't it?

dguzman said...

Great people were born in September! (9/15)

I had to do a new license in CA, but I haven't gotten it yet because I have to go back and take the written! Holy crap. What if I fail?

CDP said...

Dguzman--happy birthday to you too! Holy crap, I don't know what I'd do if I had to take the test again.

WendyB said...

Oh, that's right! My license expires on my birthday this year too. They should let you submit your own pictures like the passport agency does.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday (late, dang it) and well done, you, on the good hair day.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy belated birthday my sweet!

susan said...

Happy Birthday from one who missed it :-) I like your new blog design.

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