Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don't ask me about my business

There are people who, having read a book or seen a movie, will never again read that book or watch that movie.  I am not one of those people.  There are books that I've read over a dozen times, and sooner or later, I will read them again.  And I'll watch certain movies any time I happen across them.  "Rushmore", "Miss Congeniality", "Little Miss Sunshine", any Godfather movies, including Godfather 3, "Rocky" and "Rocky Balboa" (no other Rocky), "Office Space", "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" and maybe 20 other movies all reside on the list of movies that I'll watch with varying levels of attention but full enjoyment every time they happen to be on TV. 

My husband laughs at me.  "This again?" he'll say.  "Haven't you seen this movie like a hundred times?"  A hundred times.  Hmpf.  Ridiculous exaggeration, of course; I've seen most of these movies no more than twenty-five times.  Thirty at MOST.  He, however, watches football nearly every Sunday, and for a good part of Thanksgiving weekend every year.  If anyone wishes to explain to me how every single football telecast is not EXACTLY like every other football telecast, I'll listen with polite interest.  Only after you're no longer in the room will I roll my eyes and say "whatever" as I reach for the remote.  Because there's a "Godfather" marathon this weekend.


dguzman said...

Right there with ya on re-reading and re-watching the favorites. I've read the Harry Potter books probably fifteen times each; they're like comfort food with words. I don't know how many times I've watched the entire seven seasons of Buffy, but does it even matter? I wore out my videotapes of "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sense and Sensibility," so I bought them on DVD. I'm reading Eric Larson's "Isaac's Storm" for about the tenth time and enjoying EVEN MORE than the first nine times!

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm in the other category: one of those who feel like once I've read a book or seen a movie, I know what's going to happen and have no desire to go there for a second time. But I'm totally with you on the sports thing. I don't understand people who watch football all weekend. I watched the last 12 minutes of my Georgia Bulldogs beating Georgia Tech on Saturday when I got home from the studio. That's more football than I've watched in about the past 6 years combined.

At this very moment, I'm listening to the attorney across the hall having a very deep discussion about his fantasy football team. You do not even want me to get into how I feel about that nonsense.

Lisa said...

I'm like Delia. I go back just like comfort food. I can fall asleep to the same recorded Britcom or murder mystery over and over. Like Pavlov's dog in a way. Except when I'm not ready for bed, I can watch them and stay WIDE AWAKE to repeat the dialogue.

Doug loves when I say things like why watch sports? Just tell me who wins and loses. I don't need to watch the process.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Yeah, EXACTLY. Although my husband doesn't watch football, he does watch that stupid poker on tv, or borrring political and financial talk shows. Like you said, they're all the same...

Steve said...

ok see the sports team have on different uniforms hence differentiating it from a movie where the customers in every scene are the same.


i fall in both camps of you and your husband.

much football this weekend as my TCU FROGS went 12-0 and the Cowboys won.

but at the same time if I come across A Fish Called Wanda or Princess Bride I won't get up of the couch for a minute

and one of these days I am going to reread Asimovs's Foundation and Robot books

Steve said...

obviously meant "costumes" not customers
(yeah work was a grind today:) )

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I typically don't buy movie DVD's because with few exceptions I hardly ever re-watch movies. But of those few exceptions the scope of my re-watching is bordering obsessive. Especially anything featuring Doris Day in technicolor, Ivory-Merchant productions featuring Helena Bonham-Carter (before she started dating Tim Burton and turned into a freakshow) and BBC mini-series of Jane Austin books. I usually re-watch in private to avoid being made fun of by my adoring husband although he has no room to judge as he will obsessively rewatch The Fifth Element, The American President, The Princess Bride and Four Weddings & a Funeral whenever these films are on.

PENolan said...

Excellent point.

Was this blog always blue? That I've been here several times and can't say for certain indicates that re-visiting your favorites often yeilds new insights.

CDP said...

dguzman--I KNEW you would understand.

SS--oh my gosh, the fantasy football. I have two fanatics in my new office. I can't decide if they're better or worse than the Civil War reenactors in my old office.

Lisa--Britcoms are like televised Xanax, aren't they?

Mary--I have to admit that I love political talk shows, but I only really watch them during election season. Last October, it got to the point where even my 4-year-old would ask "hey, is it time for Rachel Maddow yet?"

Steve--I heard a story about TCU on Morning Edition on NPR. I didn't know they were your team!

Lady--"The American President" is a truly bad movie, but I still watch it every time it's on. I have not yet figured out why.

PENolan--No, it wasn't always blue, I just did this last week! :)

enc said...

I'm with you, sister. There are about a dozen movies I'll watch whenever they come on, even if I have the DVD and haven't touched it for a year. The Godfather Trilogy are in that list.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I'm not a big movie re-watcher unless I love a movie and want to turn someone else onto it. Then I like seeing it "anew through his or her eyes" (sic) and I think watching one sports team is about like watching another. Hated that part of the holidays. We had half- and-half, a better ratio than usual, of a majority saying screw the football on T-giving tradition in favor of watching Tropic Thunder. Football later prevailed, but it was a small triumph.

Mauigirl said...

My husband and I must have seen Casablanca 25 times - we could probably recite it line for line. We tend to watch things over and over too. When I was a kid I used to reread my favorite books ten times. Now not so much because I never get any time to read as it is! But hopefully that will change soon - when I retire!

rcubed said...

I never rewatched a movie until "Fight Club." I Also rewatch "Crouching Tiger.." whenever I need to be reminded of my desire to become a ninja.

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