Monday, November 23, 2009


5yo (lying on the floor outside the locked bathroom door): Hey!  What are you doing in there?
8yo: I'm going to the bathroom! 
5yo: Oh.  Which one?
8yo: None of your business!

5yo: Are you reading a magazine in there?
8yo: NO!
5yo: Are you sure?
8yo: Yes!

5yo: Well, but I can hear the pages turning...

5yo: Hey!  My hand can fit under the door!  See?
8yo: Go away!
5yo: You're not s'posed to say 'go away' to me. 
8yo: And YOU'RE not s'posed to bother people in the bathroom!
5yo: I'm not bothering you!  I'm just letting you see my hand under the door!  I'm moving my fingers, can you see them?  See, they're wiggling!  I'm waving at you!  Are you waving back?

Sometimes, a boy just wants a moment of peace and quiet. Sometimes, a boy gets a five-year-old brother instead.


caitlin.maia said...

haha i loved this :)

susan said...

Oh, I can tell you're in for a lot more fun. They are perfect examples of brotherhood :-)

Steve said...

too funny!
i never had to worry about any bathroom issues with my sisters!

BeckEye said...

This reminds me of when my nieces were little. When either of them would go into the bathroom and be in there for a while, I'd always say in a really loud, whiny, annoying voice, "Are you POOPING in there?" They used to get the biggest kick out of it.

Matty Boy said...

Brothers are not technically training for girlfriends. Brothers bring nothing but grief.

CDP said...

caitlin--you can picture it, can't you?

susan--they really are; they are classic older and younger brothers.

Steve--I suspect that you were the pesty sibling. Am I right?

BeckEye--8yo locks the door now, because my husband used to turn off the light and turn on the exhaust fan when he was in there. I knew it happened when I would hear the scream "AHPAAAAA!"

Matty--what I meant was that he's practicing being a pest now with the little things like bathroom visits so that he's ready to really torment his brother when he's a teenager.

3carnations said...

When a 5 year old boy doesn't have a big brother, all those same things are done to parents:

My son: "Did you toot?"
Me: "No."
My son: "Are you sure? It smells like someone tooted."
Me: "I didn't toot."


enc said...

Gawd, that's a hilarious observation that I never, ever would have guessed at, never having had a 5- or 8-year old!

Steve said...

you found me out! yes I was the pesky one with the hand under the bathroom door!

Anonymous said...

5 year old totally sounds like my ex boyfriend. He used to do the same thing - including fitting his god damned hand under the door.


Lisa said...

Too funny!!!! Yeah, life is just going to get more interesting as they discover new and exciting ways to bother each other.

Mauigirl said...

Hilarious! All too true!

Steve said...

just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving
hopefully this rain will clear and we can get a little holiday sun

dguzman said...

Those boys provide more moments of comedy than most sitcoms!

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