Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Technical Difficulty, External and Internal

Just five minutes ago, my newly-restored Twitter feed disappeared for no apparent reason.  Now, equally mysteriously, it has returned.  Strange computer behavior has plagued me recently, as you might have guessed if you read my infrequent tweets. 

Here's another mystery.  I'm well known for my excellent spelling, but in the last few weeks, I've misspelled a few words.  Fortunately, I've caught most of my mistakes before they've been unleashed on the world, but the day will come when I inadvertently publish a post or send an email with a misspelled word.  Maybe more than one.  I'll be exercising ceaseless vigilance to prevent such an occurrence (and "occurrence" is a bold choice of word for a woman who is not 100% confident in her spelling). 


Steve said...

I'm perty confident we will forgive you for any typos!

dguzman said...

I go through weird jags of spelling and/or grammar too; I'm glad I'm not alone in that. It's like subject-verb agreement will suddenly (but only for a second!) abandon me. Then it comes right back.

enc said...

One of the things I admire about you is your attention to detail.

I bet you (like me) text in AP style, too.

Lisa said...

As long as there are no public hairs left lying around, we should be cool.

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