Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bilge is Back

No promises here, because I am nothing if not inconsistent, but I might be back.  As usual, I have nothing and everything to say and not much time in which to say it, but as usual, this won't stop me.

When I last posted to this blog, I had an 8yo and a 5yo.  I now have a 9yo and an almost 6yo, who are in 4th grade and kindergarten, respectively (5yo just missed the cutoff last year and hadn't turned 5 in time to start kindergarten).  This summer, 5yo went from extremely reluctant swimmer to full-fledged member of the team, swimming in every B meet and two A meets (as a last-minute substitute for sick teammates).  9yo has developed a wide-ranging interest in history, and is now particularly fascinated with Pearl Harbor and Area 51.  He's going to start playing the clarinet next month, with his school's instrumental music program. 

I am taking a break from classes this fall.  I wasn't sure if I could manage my own schoolwork and the boys', so I took a semester off.  So that creates a blogging catch-22...I might have some extra time to blog, but without school to complain about, then what do I write about?  I expect to figure that out straightaway, so stay tuned.


Lisa said...


It sounds like you've been plenty busy with the boys. A clarinet? Sophie's playing clarinet, too. We'll both be enjoying the sounds of practice. I hope he loves it.

Busy or not, it's nice to see you.

Dr. MVM said...

Welcome back old friend. Those boys are growing like weeds.

Matty Boy said...

I think we have ample chances for the "My children write my blog for me" label to be employed.

Nice to have you back. I was glad to see your name up near the top of my constantly updated by most recent post blog buddy list.

enc said...

Write about ANYthing, but just write! I'm glad you're back!

sansan said...

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